About the Blog

Anime, nostalgia, music, gaming! All that good stuff and more. Grass Pants is what it is, so thanks for taking the time to check us out and have a good’un.

Want to contact Somewhat Mystia?

Email – pikpikbak@gmail.com

Skype – JoyGRamey

Twitter – @SomewhatMystia

Steam – Myschi

League of Legends (NA) – DefinitelySatori

Smite – Myschi

My Anime List – SomewhatMystia

Nintendo Network ID – SomewhatMystia

13 Responses to About/Contact

  1. John Sato says:

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! It’s uncanny; the last two times I’ve been deciding whether or not to add someone to my blogroll, they’ve added me (which is very, very unusual for me). Anyway. Thanks again for the add, and I’ll go update my page now.

  2. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Interesting blog. :)

  3. amaruro_03 says:

    Hi there, and may i interest you in a link exchage as a fellow Ani-blogger? ;)

  4. Kotoku says:

    Hey there. :) I run Anime Papers (animepapers.org) and was curious if you’d be interested in a link exchange? My site is frequently updated with over 8000 hand sorted wallpapers. I’m hoping you’ll take a look and then let me know. I enjoy crossing the niches we serve (imagery/blogging) because I think it can expand our viewership.


  5. Kotoku says:

    Hah, I like that one. The first taste is always free….

    Well, I’ll add your link in the next few days at most, hopefully tonight. If you need anything or want to collaborate on anything feel free to contact me as well! :)

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