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The Gathering Storm – Grass Pants Muses on “The Living Story” in Guild Wars 2

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (why would you do that to yourselves?) probably saw my most recent post (tweet?) regarding Guild Wars 2’s ‘Living Story’ event, Flame and Frost’s upcoming second part, The Gathering Storm. Seeing as this likely … Continue reading

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Two Years of Stress – Grass Pants Muses on guild leadership (Part One)

Ever since I started Grass Pants, there have been two posts I’ve dreaded writing: This post and the sadly-inevitable “Grass Pants Is Shutting Down.” Thankfully, I get to do the lesser of two evils today. Be warned, this is a … Continue reading

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Grass Pants Reviews – Guild Wars 2

I’m always looking for a good MMO. Ever since way-back-when in Ultima, I’ve loved the idea of a semi-persistent, living world. I haven’t played any real MMOs since I left World of Warcraft shortly after Cataclysm. I’ve been biding my … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things! – Grass Pants Muses on the Good in Gaming

So, the other night, I asked people via Twitter what the best and worst ‘little things’ in gaming were. One guy answered (because I ask things weird times). This guy. I’ll admit, John is definitely the inspiration for this due … Continue reading

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Grass Pants Plays – Week 5

Sleep deprivation is a horrible thing and I hope none of you have to go through it. So hey! Guild Wars 2’s final beta weekend just passed, so expect my impressions on Metrica Province, Keg Brawl, and Structured PVP sometime … Continue reading

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Grass Pants is Going to Tyria (again)!

The time has finally arrived! In roughly three hours I will be spending my summer weekend in beautiful scenic Tyria, home of men who can outrun centaurs and silly looking frog people who I really want to play as. Due … Continue reading

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After many hours of searching while on an incredibly tight schedule…

… I have found tengu! Click for the image in its full, made-from-four-screenshots glory. (Also, my necromancer from today makes a cameo appearance in the background!)

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Grass Pants is Going to Tyria!

So the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event is only about two hours away and I’m particularly excited for it. So, y’know, don’t expect much this weekend. I’ll get some first impressions out during one of my breaks and … Continue reading

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Weekly Recap – 3/23/2012

Another Friday, another bunch of news. I’ve searched all around for the best of the best stories, so I hope you fine folks enjoy.

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