Looking Back – Enclave

And we’re back! Sorry about the whole month-long hiatus without notice bit, folks. In my defense, I discovered GoG.com and Attack on Titan, which’ve been eating up a fair bit of my time. Speaking of GoG, that’s where I got Enclave and that game prompted me to write once more!

Enclave is probably the not-often-talked-about game from my teenage years. While I dropped more hours into Starcraft and Planescape, Enclave was the one I kept coming back to despite being bloody awful at it. I think what really got me into this game was the ability to play as the ‘bad guys’ in an action game. I’d never seen a game do something like that before, outside of Sonic Adventure 2, and it was pretty cool! Even today I’m still a sucker for being able to play as the bad guys.

Another thing that sold me on this game as a kid was (aside from me probably finding it for 10-20 bucks) the style. Everything looked so distinct and I’d never seen or dealt with gothic or dark fantasy before. Normally I’d complain about the game being fairly grimdark, but… I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia, or if it genuinely works for Enclave. Either way, the style was (and still is, I suppose) one of the huge selling points of the game.

Also, anything that lets me customize my dudes is good stuff.

Well, it’s all good and enjoyable that it was good and enjoyable about ten years ago, but how does it hold up today? Well… It ain’t bad, actually. The graphics are definitely outdated and some models are straight-up ugly, but it’s still a solid game. Granted, I’m only about halfway through the ‘Light’ campaign at the moment, but I’m enjoying myself enough. I’d argue that I’m enjoying it more, now that I’m not god-awful at it, as opposed to when I was a kid.

In the end, I’m all kinds of glad that I found it again and that whatever voodoo magic GoG uses on their releases makes it behave itself properly on a modern PC. Anyway, that’s all from me for now. As always, thanks for readin’ and have a good’un.

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