Grass Pants Predicts – E3 2013

E3 is only a few days away, the hype is building like crazy, and a ton of rumors are about to be put to rest. Since I’m always a fan of pre-event speculation and predictions, I figured I’d give it a shot myself. Since I’m mostly a Nintendo guy and haven’t been following the other companies all that much, this is gonna be a Nintendo-centric set of predictions. Let’s get started!

  • Smash 4’s trailer will have at least two newcomers; one expected, one unexpected. I could even see a third party character popping up at the end, much like Snake in the Brawl announcement trailer. Also, some big, new mechanic will show up. Release date is unlikely, but I’d like to be wrong. Finally, Non-Specific Action Figure will be either an assist trophy or normal one.
  • Pokemon X/Y’s press conference will show the first evolution of the starters and probably two other new Pokemon. We might even be seeing Sylveon, the new Eeveelution’s, type. Chance of it being a new type is likely, given the secrecy behind it. Finalized release date also dropped. Might even see some new mechanic.
  • Pikmin 3’s multiplayer discussion has already been confirmed by Iwata in the last Nintendo Direct. Online multiplayer possible, but unlikely. I’d like to see a co-op mode if online is included. We might also figure out who the final playable character is, if one exists.
  • Mario Kart U will have some new mechanic in it and online multiplayer. Release date likely, I could see Fall or Holiday 2013. Map will be moved to the gamepad for singleplayer or online multiplayer, map will be left onscreen for local multiplayer (so non-gamepad folks can see it).
  • Mario U will not be a continuation of the Galaxy series and have some new, gamepad specific mechanic that nobody’s expecting. Rumors say that the release date will be October, and I think that’d be pretty likely.
  • Retro Games’ big project will be a continuation of a long-dead franchise. F-Zero seems most likely, as everyone else has gotten a game fairly recently (Metroid on Wii, Star Fox on 3DS come to mind).
  • Zelda U information given. Maybe a title and a quick trailer, with the reveal of this game’s ‘helper’ character (Fi, Midna, Navi, for instance). Zelda: ALttP 2 will be given a release date, likely late this year or early next year.
    Iwata will do something silly, such as wearing a Luigi hat, much like his SpotPass Mii does. Alternatively, if Miyamoto is in the presentation, he’ll be the one with some kind of prop (such as his pocket-pikmin from E3 2012).
  • 3DS Miiverse announcement and release date given, along with an announcement for Nintendo Network IDs for 3DS, finally doing away with friend codes for the sake of an easy-to-remember username.
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