Champion Impressions – Zac, the Secret Weapon

I love champions who can gank in new and interesting ways. Zac is certainly new and interesting (and all kinds of silly), but is he worth dropping the money or IP on? Let’s find out!

The coolest thing about Zac is (outside of his aesthetics) his massive jungle sustain; if you stay on top of getting the goo from your passive, you’re probably not gonna have too hard of a time in the jungle. He also clears reasonably quickly, thanks to his low-cooldown AoE spell in the form of Unstable Matter (W). His ganks are also really powerful… assuming you can land his knockback and slow (E and Q respectively), which I’m really godawful at, so don’t take any ganking advice from me. His passive also lets him dive quite nicely, but… Well, that doesn’t help if you forget that it exists. My apologies to every laner whose gank I’ve botched because I forgot that I’ve got a less-amazing version of Eggnivia.

In terms of teamfights, Zac seems really slow to get going. I’d argue that early-game is his worst enemy; without a lot of HP and resistances, you’re going to get crushed pretty quickly. He also doesn’t put out a huge lot of damage, so you need to bet on initiating with your slingshot or ultimate, then having someone else clean up. Don’t be afraid to die, either; that passive really helps if someone decides to tunnel-vision your bloblets. Also, if you can poke people down with Q or W, make sure to pick up your dropped goo so you don’t get half-dead when the actual fight starts.

Regarding how to build him: Forget about a lot of the AP items early on. Zac definitely needs tankiness. While I’m sure he could do a ton of damage if you built right, it’s not really worth it if you go in, get your passive popped, and then die. He’s one of the few champions that I’d argue for Warmog’s Armor as a super early item.

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good time with Zac, but… He’s definitely not for everyone. If you’re really looking for another jungler (in case the others aren’t quite doing it for ya), then by all means grab him. Otherwise, wait until free week to give him a shot. Anyway, as always thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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13 Responses to Champion Impressions – Zac, the Secret Weapon

  1. seinime says:

    It seems that he can gank over large distances, which is really interesting seeing as he can jump many gaps that normal junglers with a gap closer can’t. The fact that you can jump and smite steal baron is a cool factor as well.

    How does Spirit Visage work on him? I imagine Warmogs helps as a first item and some factors remind me of Mundo. I heard his sustain is lacking, but did they fix it?


    • The only bad thing about jumping over super-huge gaps is (and it’s probably an ‘I’m not doing it right’ thing) the fact that a lot of those jumps end up being off-screen for me, meaning I have to estimate where folks are if I’m doing the entire slingshot range. Also, ever since I saw the Zac slingshot Baron smite steal, that’s become my new goal. One day, I will do that kind of nonsense.

      Spirit Visage seems to work nicely, but I can never get it built up soon enough (read: before big teamfights) for me to really notice it. It’d be nice if I could get it when I was still doing a bit of jungle farming, because he’s really vulnerable to enemy champs stepping on his goo.

      In regards to his sustain: It’s amazing in the jungle, especially after you’ve got more than one spell to hit. Pop two spells really quickly, pick up your goo, repeat until the camp is dead. Teamfights, again he has the problem of his goo sometimes landing in a bad spot or where it can easily get stepped on. I feel like he’d work nicely in poke wars if you could manage to predict the goo’s landing and don’t get caught out of position.

      Thanks for the comment and hopefully I could be of some help!

      • seinime says:

        I predict the lead would be quite a challenge, as well as smite steal. Assuming his E has knock back, which I can’t remember if it does, would largely beneficial to a team fight/gank if you hit it.

        In regards to the sustain, you have a good point there. Perhaps an aura item like Aegis or Locket would benefit better for the team.

        No problem, I always enjoy a thorough discussion. Do you play on NA? I would love to have a game with you some time.

      • I’m almost 100% positive that his E has knockback, yeah. And I think next game I go Zac in, I’ll end up getting an early Aegis. I feel like the armor/regen from Emblem of Valor could do nice things.

        And yes I do! Summoner name on there is DefinitelySatori.

  2. seinime says:

    Sorry if this is a double post. Not sure whether it went through due to WordPress.

    Zac seems like an interesting jungler due to his large gap closer, which allows him to jump large distances that normal junglers can’t. Combine that with the fact that he can smite steal by jumping over baron pit is also an interesting factor.

    How does Spirit Visage work on him? Warmogs does seem like a nice first item to have due to his health scaling. I heard his sustain isn’t that well in the jungle; have they fixed that?

    An interesting jungler to learn, nonetheless.


  3. Nhan-Fiction says:

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  4. twohp2few says:

    Awesome review! I messed around with him a bit when he was still in beta and one of the things I noticed was that his E could be kind of temperamental and refuse to launch if you were still sort of in motion or if you didn’t have your mouse in quite the right place. Have you been having any problems like that now that he is out for real? Also, have you tried building the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith on him, when jungling? I feel like he might be one of the few junglers who can actually benefit a lot from that item.

    • Thanks much for the compliment! Been thinking about doing the beta server myself, but I’d hate to give first impressions on something that isn’t fully released and then have to go back and edit or make a new post. Too much work.

      And I can’t think of having that bug, but… maybe? I’ll definitely check it out the next time I play. Maybe just hop into a custom game and see if his E behaves itself; I’ll try to get back to you on that!

      And Spectral Wraith has crossed my mind. I was originally not going to do it because of a relatively useless stat (AD), but… Hell, spirit stone gives a useless stat and I’m fine with that, so… Yeah, definitely gonna try to go Zac my next few games to test some of those things. Thanks for the comment and the advice!

  5. darkandchoco says:

    Oh my.. I’m missing out a lot.. it’s been a looooong time since I played League of Legends :( Busy with other stuff and all. LoL is really fun, especially playing with friends, the only problem I have with LoL is time consumption, really consumes a lot of time! XD

    • “Time consumption” is the reason that my ‘to watch’ and ‘to play’ lists are several pages long… Etrian Odyssey and League are killing any hope I had of getting caught up.

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