Time to troll! – Initial Thoughts on the Trundle Rework

So, think of the best series of news you can for this game. An under-appreciated and awkward champion rework? Check. ARAM queue with dodge penalties? Check. Hints at a flawed design being updated? Check. Alright, so we’ve got a pretty nice list, yeah? Well let’s add to that with the biggest, coolest-in-my-opinion thing Riot has done in ages: Everyone’s favorite troll is being given an icy, beard-tastic makeover!

That ain’t all, either. People who own Trundle already (obligatory secret society of trundle players joke here) are getting a free skin that reflects his old look, just like with Karma. So, as a guy who has been playing Trundle for a long, long bloody time (he was the first champion I ever grinded out a lot of IP for!), I’ve decided to give my thoughts on what little we know about his rework.

First, the visuals. Yeah, yeah, I know that this looks nothing like him. He’s buff and tall and has a beard. I’m totally fine with that, though. I like the new look well enough. It’s definitely more visually appealing (red/blue contrast, mostly) than his original one. It’s

bright, it’s colorful, it just flat-out looks better from an aesthetic point of view. As much as I love the old Trundle, you’ve got to admit that his classic skin was kind of… not very eye-pleasing and murky. I think that’s about all I’ve got so far, outside of spell effects and other crap we don’t know yet. Onto the lore!

What little we know about Trundle is that he’s now a ‘troll king,’ if Quinn’s journals are to be trusted. I gotta say, this is a hell of a step up from his old position as ‘hated and bullied runt of a cursed tribe.’ I’m curious if Riot will actually change his title (Cursed Troll to Troll King, again assuming that he really is a king), though. Would be pretty cool and I

think it would be the first time they changed a champion’s title post-release. I recall that Talon’s was screwed up a few times before it was finalized and Orianna’s was changed, pre-release, from the nice’n simple ‘Clockwork Girl ‘ to the awkward and word-stumble-y ‘Lady of Clockwork.’

Right, back to lore. Anyway, I’m curious if he’ll be as much of a loveable, self-serving asshole that he used to be. Also, before anyone gives me that ‘He was a good guy for taking on his tribe’s curse/disease!’ nonsense, read his League Judgment. Even though he learned that he doomed his tribe by taking the disease, Trundle basically said ‘screw that, I’m keeping it because they’re assholes,’ because he had been a victim of their crap for his entire life.

Other non-Trundle related lore bits include the mention of an Ice Witch. On first reading, I was suspecting that it’d make a nice title for Lissandra, the final Freljordian sister! …

until the journal specifically mentioned that Ashe and Lissandra would likely be going against the Ice Witch. Either way, I hope it’s not one of those cases where she (Ice Witch) just flat-out doesn’t exist after now. We’ve had that time and time again with General Du Couteau (Katarina’s father), all of Boram Darkwill’s children (although Keiran gets a pass for being straight-up decapitated by Darius), and probably some others I’m forgetting. Anyway, with the mention of impaling victims on black ice shards, I could see her becoming a champion because that visual is too cool to pass up, right?

Anyway, just decided to drop by and give folks a heads up about the changes as well as my very, very early impressions. Expect more stuff when Trundle’s reworked lore and stuff shows up. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un, because this Trundle gif sure as hell is.

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