Dub Review – Tiger & Bunny Part 1

Well that certainly was a month off. Can’t promise things are going to be Monday/Wednesday/Friday levels of posting again, but I should be somewhat more regular. Maybe. Anyway, just got done watching the first half of Tiger & Bunny dubbed. Aside from a few nitpicks and flubbed lines, this is honestly the best dub I’ve seen in years. Join me after the jump and I’ll break down the good and the bad of the series so far.

The Good – Everyone fits! Whether it’s Wally Wingert as Kotetsu/Wild Tiger or Liam O’Brien putting on ‘War’ voice from Darksiders for Lunatic or, and this is by far the best, Stephen freaking Blum as the series’ first big antagonist, Jake Martinez, everyone fits. While it wasn’t quite how I’d imagined they’d sound, it works well enough. I was also really happy to see some of my favorite voice actors show up, so huge props to whoever decided these guys should be the voices of Sternbild City’s heroes and villains. Oh, and Blue Rose’s catchphrase is infinitely less cringe-y.

Also, there are very, very few liberties taken (at least from my memory and/or limited understanding of Japanese terms) with the script. No awkward translations or having to switch words around for the sake of the audience (Lookin’ at you, Bleach! Friggin’ ‘tanuki note,’ man…); anyway, even if there were some changes made, everything still fit well enough together. Unfortunately, no dub is perfect, which leads me to…

The Bad – Ouroboros is a really awkward word. It seems like all of the awkward lines involved it in some way or another. The most noticeable one would have to be Kotetsu asking if a criminal (the guy who planted the bomb on the elevator and who was later killed by Lunatic) was with the group. It seemed really forced, honestly, but it was the only ‘big’ flaw with the dub.

Kotetsu talking while eating also came out… weird. Again, it’s one scene, so it shouldn’t bother me that much, but it does. Can’t put my finger on it, but eh.

Anyway, all in all, I absolutely love this dub. If you guys liked the original, definitely give it a shot. You can actually check out the first episode on Viz’s youtube channel if you’re a bit on the fence about picking it up. If all things work out nicely, I should be able to grab the second half when it launches in May. I’m out for now, though. Until then, thanks for reading and have a good’un. Feels good to be back, folks.

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