Where are they now? – Grass Pants Muses on retired characters

So, this is kind of a selfish post, but it’s one I’ve been meaning to do for a while. When you’ve been into roleplaying and fiction as long as I’ve been, you start to amass a small army of a characters who, for one reason or another, get retired without really having an ‘end’ to their story. No glorious death, no wandering the earth, just… a sudden, abrupt stop. This usually comes from me losing narrative interest or moving on to other projects (for example, all of my World of Warcraft characters). It’s always interested me to think about where these guys ended up and if they’re dead yet or whatever. Anyway, feel free to skip over this one, because – like I said – it’s pretty damn selfish.

My orc shaman, an old, very traditional sort, probably settled down sometimes after the events of Cataclysm. He likely left the Horde, seeing what was being done to it, and maybe even went to Pandaria to pass his wisdom on to a new generation (since the orcs were pretty well wrapped up in ‘rawr Horde’ mentality). He definitely would have kept in touch with the handful he knew over the years and probably would have traveled with them a bit before dying. As far as his death goes, I could see him returning to the Blade’s Edge Mountains or Nagrand and dying peacefully in his sleep or something before joining his ancestors’ spirits.

My undead warlock wasn’t as lucky. Given all the horrible things he’d done in life and undeath, as well as the general state of his body (missing an eye, various signs of decay, etc etc), Jacob probably ended up leaving without saying a word and just dropping off of the face of the earth. He probably went back to Tirisfal Glades, found a secluded house, boarded it up and either had one of his demons kill him or simply wait until the magic keeping his body together ran out.

Again, I know this was a selfish post, but it was actually pretty fun to get all of this on paper and ‘canonized,’ if you will. I might do another one of these again if people don’t completely hate it (and if any of my Guild Wars 2 folks end up just disappearing without any real resolution). Anyway, thanks for puttin’ up with this if ya did and thanks for reading even if ya didn’t. As always, take it easy and have a good’un.

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4 Responses to Where are they now? – Grass Pants Muses on retired characters

  1. thehippiefreak says:

    Retiring characters? I know a pretty good example
    In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part V, one of the guys in the main character’s gang leaves them because he didn’t want to go against a bigger gang (i’ll leave out the details for now). He was written out of the story because his abilities were way too powerful

    • Good on the writer for doing that, then! Nothing kills a story like someone being crazy overpowered. Either they’re unstoppable to the point of Mary Sueism, or everyone else around them has to go Super Saiyan 28.3 in order to catch up and it just drags everything out and becomes convoluted and boring.

      I really should read Jojo’s sometime, really. I keep hearing all sorts of good things.

      • thehippiefreak says:

        Every Jojo have one of the most intricate (and manly) fights I’ve ever seen. While the characters are given powers, it’s more about strategizing than simply over-powering them stronger techniques or stronger forms.
        I’d highly reccommend the anime too, they’re making the anime follow the manga panel per panel

      • thehippiefreak says:

        One more point to add. The mangaka of Jojo can take abilities that sound useless into suprisingly strategic fight. One of the guys can put a zipper on to any surface and he turns out to do the most work (fights) in one of the stories

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