Champion Impressions – Thresh, the Chain Warden

I never was a big fan of healbots. I don’t mind supporting, but… There’s a reason that Support Nautilus is kinda my thing. So you can imagine how psyched I was when they announced this guy. Thresh is, without a doubt, the most unique support released, but is he worth dropping your hard-earned money or IP on? Let’s find out.

Thresh is another one of those aggressive supports, but with an emphasis on positioning and catching people off-guard as opposed to hard crowd-control. His lantern is easily the coolest part of his kit. I’ve been in a few games with and as Thresh, and that lantern has so much potential. The downside of this is that you’ll either want your team on some kind of voice chat, or you’ll need to be really good at predicting and signalling things at the right time. Also, an interesting note is that you can gather souls for Thresh’s Damnation passive by tossing your lantern at ’em. Speaking of his passive, you’ll want those souls. Thresh doesn’t gain armor per level, but picking up souls gives him some along with a nice boost to his ability power and increases the damage of his Q’s passive.

Aside from that, Thresh’s kit is pretty familiar to anyone who’s played Nautilus or Blitzcrank before. His chain’s active allows you to tug an enemy a certain distance, but it’s best used (from personal experience) to initiate. Pull yourself in, use The Box, and exhaust whoever looks threatening. The chain takes a while to get used to, though, as Thresh has a short windup animation before he actually throws it. Thankfully, this works in your favor. Learning the timing of the windup will give you a nice tell for when enemy Threshes go for a pull.

Thresh’s knockback, Flay, is probably the hardest part of his kit to really learn. It can knock people in two directions, either pulling them in to your team or knocking them away. The range is also deceptively short, so that’s something else you’ll need to take into consideration. I honestly haven’t been able to get much use out of it, outside of knocking back an about-ready-to-charge Xin Zhao.

Thresh’s ultimate isn’t much to write home about. It’s got great combo potential with his hook and it seems to do a respectable amount of damage, but that’s about it. It is really satisfying to stop runners with it, though.

Anyway, conclusion time. Thresh is a high skill cap support with a ton of potential. If you really liked Blitzcrank (or Pudge, from DotA, I suppose) but wished you could help allies more, pick him up. Just don’t expect to get the hang of everything right away, and make sure you tell teammates that they can click the lantern to jump back to you, since a fair number of people still don’t know about it. If you’re not that big of a Blitz or Pudge fan, then wait until free week to see if he’s worth your money. That’s about all I’ve got on this guy, so I’m out. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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9 Responses to Champion Impressions – Thresh, the Chain Warden

  1. marthaurion says:

    I haven’t had a chance to play him yet, but this champ seems pretty amazing. From what I could see, his pull has a pretty long range and it combos well with his push. And I really like the idea of the push because you put a bit more thought into it when you use it. I was skeptical about his ult before, but if I remember correctly, it’s like 90% slow, which is pretty sweet. And his lantern…oh wow…there’s so much potential for that. I was watching the champion spotlight and using it to get junglers into lane or speed up adc return to lane…that’s just great stuff.

    • The pull is fairly long range, yeah. I don’t have an exact comparison, but I’m willing to guess about the same distance (probably shorter) than a Blitz hook. Seconding the comment about the push/pull, too! The targeting thing could be a /bit/ clearer in my opinion, though. It’s hard to properly use in a stressful situation (which is one of the many, many reasons I’m not a pro player).

      And I just checked on the wiki, the slow is apparently 99%, but there’s some kind of hard cap or somethin’ depending on enemy movespeed.

      And even though I was going to pick him up anyway, seeing that lane gank in the champion spotlight sealed the deal for me.

      • marthaurion says:

        I really need to play him haha…I’ve just seen other people try him out. I’m too nice to instalock him.

        That’s ridiculous lol…

        As a frequent jungler, I can’t tell you how amazing that was. I find lane ganks to be absurdly hard.

      • I’ve never done a lane gank because, despite having been jungling fairly actively for a year, I know it will go horribly, horribly wrong.

  2. says:

    He seems like a lot of fun, but requires a lot of skill and strategy. I might get him but after he goes down in IP after the first week – I don’t want him that bad. Though in my group I tend to always have to support, so it’s nice to have more choices now that they are adding more supports into the game.

    On the downside he appeals to those who don’t like traditional supports, so I get to play different positions. Problem is I haven’t played anything by support in a long while so my last two games wereawful and I feel like I forgot how to play… because I never have to farm – I’m so bad at it now! Man I suck.

    • I end up supporting because the roles available when not playing with friends tend to boil down to either that or jungling. And jungling gets lonely, man. Just you and pissed off wolves for company.

      And regarding forgetting how to play: I took about two or three weeks off after Vi came out and just got back to playing last night. My first game back was so demoralizing that I ended up doing work for my online class. Work that isn’t due until next week.

      Lemme know if you’re up for a game sometime, though! Like I told Marth, I’m always fond of havin’ more competent folks to play with.

      • says:

        Jungle is my least played role, haaha.

        Demoralizing is right, I felt like I shouldn’t even bother playing if I’m not support cause I’m minus 1 player anywhere else, lol..

        I really don’t play often, I dislike randoms so much I pretty much only play when we have 5 of our people on. Though if we have space and I see ya on I’ll shoot you an invite :) Other than me – many in my group are pretty versatile, just sometimes they decide they want to play one thing and one thing only for a while hahaha

  3. thehippiefreak says:

    Why am I so good with him? Support Thresh is fun but….
    Plus I hooked three invis champs with my Q, closed the distance and killed them myself.

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