Looking Forward – Grass Pants’ Anticipations for 2013

This is gonna be a real short post of moderate length, so I hope you guys are fine with that. Anyway, massive thanks to everyone who checked out my first ‘year in review’ piece and to my good buddy John Sato for coming along for the ride. I am definitely gonna have to do that again next year.

So, since I’ve spent all week talking about 2012, I should probably spend a bit of time on 2013. As far as games go, I’m really hoping to see some kind of development in the Darksiders series, even if we don’t get any kind of sequel or release date. If you guys don’t know, Vigil Entertainment was owned (I think?) by THQ, and THQ recently filed for bankruptcy. And, apparently, DS2 didn’t sell very well despite being an awesome game. Seriously, it’s probably on some kind of sale on Steam right now, go buy it. So, yeah, definitely hoping that they don’t leave the franchise hanging.

Since it’s known that Sakurai is working on Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, I’d like to get some news of that, but… ehhh… I’m not expecting it. As far as that goes, I’d really like Nintendo to up the ante with the 3rd party characters like Sonic and Snake being in Brawl. Story mode (Subspace Emissary) was also pretty cool, so I’d like to see that come back in some form alongside an arcade mode. Online play improvements, hopefully included in the overall ditching of Friend Codes and existence of the Nintendo Network, is a must. I’d love to be able to talk reasonable amounts of friendly smack to guys I’m playing against or friend someone after a really good match.

I’m eagerly awaiting Pikmin 3 as the only real confirmed release this year (or anytime soon, rather), because I bloody love that series. Definitely a day one buy right there.

Now there are some more peculiar things I’d like to see in gaming. First, I want Konami to give the Ganbare Goemon (Mystical Ninja in the US) series another chance. We’ve had four games get localized, and the last two were on the N64. It’s such a bright and silly series and they could get away with a lot more in terms of references and all that nowadays. Also, I would kill to see a new Pokemon Snap game, because I mean seriously the Wii U’s controller is perfect for it and it would print tons of money!

For anime… I don’t really know, honestly. I know that there’s a lot of sequels and stuff coming this season, but nothing’s really interesting and the anime industry usually surprises me anyway. I have no idea what they’re planning, outside of more ‘girls sitting around and looking cute’ shows, since those sell well. I know that Saint Young Men is getting an OVA sometime, so that’s pretty cool. … Yeah, I’ve got nothin’ for anime.

Anyway, major thanks again to everyone who helped out and read Grass Pants’ 2012 retrospective. I’m gonna take a bit of a break from writing, hopefully get some of the games from the Steam sale played, and (like I’m doing right now) revisit a few old classics. I’ll be gone until next Monday, so I will talk to you fine folks then. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.


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10 Responses to Looking Forward – Grass Pants’ Anticipations for 2013

  1. Justin says:

    Really? Have you managed to check anime out like Chihayafuru and Space Brothers in 2012 ;D

    • Not sure about the first one, I’ll have to look. I did watch a few episodes of Space Brothers, but college got in the way. I may take a day or two while I’m still on winter break and check out some of ’em.

      Any recommendations?

      • Justin says:

        Well aside from those, you may want to check out these anime:

        Ginga E Kickoff
        Daily Lives of High School Boys
        Lupin The Third: Mine Fujiko

        There, that’s hopefully a start. Winter season, I’m keeping my eye out on OreShura (because it has the director of Usagi Drop directing) and Sasami-San@Ganabaranai (cause Shaft and Shinbo). So there,s some suggestions!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, will definitely look into ’em!

  2. John Sato says:

    It was my pleasure! Thank *you* for having me!

    And yeah, as far as THQ goes, here’s hoping things turn out okay. I mean, I doubt we’ll have a repeat of that brutality that happened with Silicon Knights, but THQ has published enough games I enjoy that I’d be sad to see them go, by any means.

    • What happened with Silicon Knights?

      And seconding that, but it’s mostly because I want to see another Darksiders game.

      … granted, all that’d really take is someone getting vigil on their payroll and the rights to the franchise, so thq doesn’t matter as much as i expected

      • John Sato says:

        Silicon Knights was the developer of Eternal Darkness and, most recently, X-Men Destiny. They fell on some hard times with multiple flops, and ended up with a rumored size of less than five staff members. Then they lost a lawsuit with Epic from 2007 where they have to pay about 4.5 million and destroy all their code for games that used the Unreal Engine (basically all their current projects). I cringed when I read about it.

      • John Sato says:

        Actually, according to another source, it’s 4.5 million for damages and 4.7 for legal costs. According to that same source, they had until 12/31/12 to comply (it happened in early November – never heard how it ended, but you can make some reasonable assumptions).

  3. Sol…also neutral. Definitely don’t hate him, but I kind of feel like he’s better get back in the **** plot or…else. I mean really. I agree with Crescent’s judgement of him as a throw-away character so far, but I also agree that we can’t fully judge until the series ends.

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