Best Anime of 2012 – Grass Pants 2012 Retrospective Day Five

I’ve never been particularly good at watching things. I get distracted fairly easily (that first sentence took five minutes to write, for instance) and a lot of stuff just doesn’t interest me. Just like with gaming, I’ve seen it all before and ‘it all’ sucks for the most part. Thankfully, 2012 did bring a handful of things that caught my attention, even if I still haven’t gotten around to finishing ’em. I’m proud to announce that my personal Best Anime of 2012 is Ozma!

To be perfectly honest, if you’d ask me yesterday what would win, I’d have said either Another or Accel World. I completely forgot that Ozma happened, mostly because it was so short (so I wasn’t seeing weekly coverage everywhere for 20-odd weeks) and also because it didn’t stand out that much. But that’s totally alright with me; Ozma wasn’t flashy and it didn’t really try anything new. Hell, the art style even invoked the old Matsumoto works like Captain Harlock. Also, the show is a bloody space opera! We don’t get nearly enough of those lately.

I’m a huge fan of space operas and the idea of a ragtag bunch of dudes flyin’ through space and being awesome. While Ozma doesn’t have so much in the ‘flyin’ through space’ department (assuming my memory isn’t failing me) it does have the ragtag bunch’a dudes being awesome.

That’s what’s got me sold on Ozma, even though I’m only at… episode three or so out of a six-episode series. It’s bringing the old-school space opera to a modern audience and it did a damn fine job of it. It was a huge break from sequels of things I either didn’t care for or never saw, the ‘girls sitting around and looking cute’ genre, and the six-dozen harem/shounen shows that studios seem to be legally obligated to pump out.

Anyway, you guys should really check Ozma out. It’s an excellent piece of sci-fi anime that has that good ol’ 80s feel to it, and it’s short. It sets up a story, it tells that story, then it ends. No 300+ episodes, no filler, none of that. Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of the year and the last day of this retrospective before we start lookin’ forward to what 2013’s gonna have to offer. Join me then to find out what my pick for ‘Best Game of 2012’ is. Until then, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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