Music of the Wednesday – Finale (Nana Takahashi)

In honor of my not-so-triumphant return (didn’t really have anything to triumph over except my own procrastination), let’s have some of one of my favorite vocalists. I was going to use an upbeat duet that she sings with 709sec, but I couldn’t find it in a reasonable time. Oh well, there’s always next week for that.

I highly recommend you guys check Nana’s stuff out if you like this; this isn’t even her best and it’s still excellent. May or may not be another post up today depending on how well the words feel like flowing; thinking of starting a sort of ‘staggered’ (as in ‘not continuous like, say, my Kirby retrospective) series on narrative sometime soon, so you might get that. Anyhoo, as always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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2 Responses to Music of the Wednesday – Finale (Nana Takahashi)

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    I like how she twists the first melody to be more… melodic. It’d be cool if she did that for the second melody too, because last remote arranges always did sound better instrumental for me…

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