Anime Blogger Interrogation – Part Two

Now it’s time for my questions and tagging a handful of people!

What was your biggest ‘unexpected surprise’ anime or game?

What are your biggest pet peeves in anime or gaming?

Most memorable anime or gaming experience?

What genres do you love and loathe?

Biggest guilty pleasure?

My answers to these questions, as well as the taggery, is below!

What was your biggest ‘unexpected surprise’ anime or game? Anime was Accel World. Accel World was something I fully expected to be Yu-Gi-Oh!, except without the cards. It turned out to be more like… Gurren Lagann, except Simon doesn’t take half the series to man up and (spoiler for episode 8 of TTGL redacted). Also, it has a fat, geeky main character! And he’s not a huge joke!

Game-wise, I’ve gotta saaaaaay… Probably Darksiders. I took a completely-blind gamble on it (yay Amazon sale) and, well, you saw my review of the second one. It’s a great series, so pick it up when you guys get the chance.

What are your biggest pet peeves in anime or gaming? Both: Shoehorned romantic subplots. This goes for everything, really. I’m watching an action flick to see people explode every five seconds, not to see an overly muscled actor pretend to bone some annoying twat. Seriously, writers, quit it.

Anime: Those ridiculously high-pitched little girl characters. I’ve never wanted to punch a fictional lady more than I do when those things come on screen.

Games: Balance. I don’t mean ‘omg tryndamere (or whoever) op nerf riot pls’ or anything like that. I mean a nice balance between all the aspects of the game. Darksiders 1 was great about this! … until the final dungeon, which was crammed to hell and back with puzzle after puzzle after puzzle.

Most memorable anime or gaming experience? Spoilers for Chrono Trigger ahead. Don’t read this if you haven’t beaten it (John, that means you). I’m going to assume he’s gone. Anyway!

Zeal. Everything about Zeal, from the mysticism to the music and art, to the fall of Zeal and the scattering of Janus (Magus) and his sister through time and space. Everything about Zeal was just so… perfect. It crushed me and a friend so much to see it go that we kept (and still have, actually) a save file right before it fell, so we could go back and experience it. Seeing Glenn/Frog come to peace with Cyrus was also pretty heartwarming.

Anime would have to be… kinda meta. Meeting Greg Ayres for the first time, and being able to have a chat for a good 15 or so minutes, and him actually giving a damn and loving the fact that we were such huge fans of his. It definitely left an impression on me.

What genres do you love and loathe? Love: Anything with a half-decent plot or some wit about the (humor, characters, storyline, whatever). Tiger and Bunny is a good example, as is Bakemono. I tend to lean toward more dialogue-based series if I’m subbing, though. Having to screen-read a lot really makes it hard to focus on the action.

Hate: Shounen, borderline porn. Shounen because if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. Come on, anime industry, if we can get the freaking magical girl genre deconstructed, why can’t we do it for shounen? Borderline porn’s reasoning? Nobody is wanting to see anything but the sex, so just release a damn hentai OVA or something. At least then I won’t be tricked into thinking something is half-decent.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? I am a sucker for animal girls. I said I hated shounen just now, but I’m still planning on watching Dog Days. (Also people turning into cat balls amuse me). I’m also a huge, huge fan of dumb jokes and puns. Ask anyone I regularly skype with and they’ll vouch for the number of stupid jokes I can make.

Well, now it’s time to tag some people. First, to make sure he’s still alive (even though he is and we actually talked not too long ago), Robert! Second, because I really like reading his opinions and I’m not entirely unconvinced that we’ve got some kind of crazy opinion-related empathy going on, John! Third, because I keep forgetting to read his stuff and this makes me feel like a bad person, Marth! Fourth, because I’m just making up reasons at this point, thehippiefreak (and/or Light if he wants too)! Fifth, because we both play League and who said – besides the title – that this had to just be anime people, Nhan!
Anyway, that was surprisingly fun. Definitely going to have to do this again if it ever comes my way at a much later date. Hope that was enjoyable. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un!

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4 Responses to Anime Blogger Interrogation – Part Two

  1. Kai says:

    Lmao, reading this blog reminded me of Darksiders II. I had been planning to play the game since ages ago and now that it’s actually released, I completely forgot about it, guess I just have too many games/anime to play D:

    Dog Days is weird, but it’s still an entertaining show.

    • I eagerly awaited the release of the game because, if nothing else, it would help kill time until Guild Wars 2. And it did its job well (and I’m not even half-way through it yet.).

      And Dog Days ain’t bad, but I hate shounen with the fury of a thousand and two suns.

      but it has animal girls so hey i’m sold

      i am a shallow man

  2. John Sato says:

    …This is all a ploy to get me to finish Chrono Trigger, isn’t it?

    Also: “opinion-related empathy” You may be onto something there…

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