Anime Blogger Interrogation – Part One

I can’t think of anything witty, but John tagged me for this thing, so let’s get started! Also, here are the rules, courtesy of the guy who started it all. Hopefully my answers aren’t as predictable as I’m thinking they are. Enjoy!

1) What is one of your favorite video games of all time? If you can, explain why it’s special.

Without a doubt, Chrono Trigger. It was my first ‘real’ purchase along with my first real RPG. It was the first game that made me actually feel something for the characters and care about the narrative. It also happened to be the first game I beat completely on my own. I recommend Chrono Trigger (original SNES version) to everyone. It’s just so amazing.

2) (As with the first question, only with anime instead of video games).

Saiyuki. Again, my first real foray into anime (and the first one I bought on my own so on, so forth). I took a chance, since the boxart didn’t look like much, and damn it paid off. It really got me into the industry, too. Saiyuki introduced me to some of my favorite voice actors (Greg Ayres and Illich Guardiola, both awesome, super-friendly people, might I add) and ended up being a big reason of why I love anime conventions so much. It also got me into the Chinese legend Journey to the West, which I later did a handful of college papers on.

3) What video game has the best soundtrack (in your opinion)? Bonus points if you can name the person that composed it.

… Can I say the entire Kirby series? Emphasis on Super Star and Kirby Returns to Dreamland. It’s got such a huge range of themes, from pretty to just flat-out “I’m going to wreck this guy in the face” epic.

4) What video game have you beaten/anime have you watched (completely) the most times? (You can answer one or both.)

If movies count for anime, then Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky. Say what you will about Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, but Castle in the Sky is his best work and completely captures that very Miyazaki feel. It helps that it’s very much like Illusion of Gaia, it brings out a huge sense of exploration and wondering what mysteries the world holds.

As far as games go, Kirby Super Star has been played so much that the battery in the cartridge is on its last leg. I’ve pretty well memorized the game and when my oldest friend visits, it’s our go-to game. Chrono Trigger would have to be a very, very far second.

5) Have you ever found any music artists through anime (or video games) that you listen to as a “fan” (i.e. you listen to more than just their anime/VG stuff)?

Not… really? I mean, I guess it could kinda-sorta count if I really liked ZUN’s Touhou stuff and branched off into Touhou doujin music. Maybe? Who knows. Let’s just say no.

Anyway, I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment. Part two, with my questions and taggin’ people and stuff, will be coming either later today or tomorrow afternoon. Many thanks to John for making me get off my ass and write something that’s not Guild Wars 2 related, and many thanks to you guys for reading. Have a good’un.

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5 Responses to Anime Blogger Interrogation – Part One

  1. thehippiefreak says:

    Music from the kirby series is sooo upbeat and wonderful
    Hell, I should go play me some Squeak Squad

  2. Kai says:

    I like Chrono Trigger too, and finised the SNES version long time ago. Thinking of playing the DS version but wondered if it’s worth it.

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