Champion Impressions – Rengar, the Pridestalker

Fact: Nothing is more badass than a lion. Well, except for a lionman trophy hunter who wants nothing more in the world than to hunt dangerous champions and wear them as a hat. Also, he has some pretty dope-ass kneepads.

Rengar is probably my favorite kind of jungler. Y’know, the kind who doesn’t need to wait until six to be effective. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of ganks from this guy, and they hurt, especially with a full five-stack of Ferocity. Even if you don’t use your ferocity to root with Bola Strike, you can either do an insane amount of damage with Savagery or bait people into an ‘easy’ fight with the 15% heal from Battle Roar.

Even when you’re not jungling, Rengar is pretty solid for top lane. Since he’s cooldown-based, you’ll never have to worry about becoming resource-starved and Battle Roar’s defensive buff (plus the healing from the Ferocity’d version) gives him some nice tankiness. I’d say his biggest problem would be going up against someone with ranged harass (like Teemo), but even then – provided they’re squishy enough – he can always just leap onto their face from a nearby bush.

As far as the Bonetooth Necklace, Rengar’s unique item, goes… it’s pretty okay. I haven’t found too terribly much of a use for it, but I tend to shy away from snowball items. I do like how there are multiple tiers of snowballery and that you’re not completely useless after dying. If you’re getting some early kills or assists, then definitely get it to maximize the stacks. If not, hold off until mid or late-game, when the real teamfights start happening.

All in all, Rengar’s a pretty neat champion. If you’re looking for a resourceless jungler with a fair bit of unpredictability courtesy of Ferocity, or if you’re just a fan of lion explosions and dope-ass kneepads, then pick him up. If bruisers or assassins aren’t your thing, though, wait until free week. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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2 Responses to Champion Impressions – Rengar, the Pridestalker

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Eh, so far, I am not particularly impressed by Rengar yet. Perhaps it’s just the people initially using him, but I have yet to come across a Rengar that did particularly well. And this is coming from a guy who loves cats. >^..^<

    • Rengar’s definitely gonna take some getting used to. He’s not superbursty assassin like Diana, nor is he borderline unfightable like Darius was. He’s pretty middle-of-the-road, jack-of-all-trades kinda guy.

      That and I’m sure we’ll need some time to ‘properly’ use his passive.

      Thanks for the comment and reading!

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