Grass Pants Plays – Week 6

I completely forgot it was Monday.

Let’s mix things up and start with anime this time: I finished Tiger and Bunny (part two of the review coming… uh… sometime) after putting that off since it came out. I also found out that Crunchyroll is streaming Folktales from Japan, so I’ll actually get to watch more than an episode or two!

Games-wise it’s been a metric ton of Darksiders, in preparation for Darksiders 2 in a few weeks. I actually spent a good three hours looking for the final piece of the game-breakingly-powerful Abyssal Armor, because I am dumb and swore I grabbed the piece in Silitha’s dungeon. I also noticed that the TechnicPack got updated, which is both happy and sad. Happy because it’s more stable and has some more stuff added, sad because apparently the developer of Forestry (Minecraft with bees!) did something to screw with the other mods in the pack. Or so I’ve heard.

I miss my bee farm…

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