Champion Impressions – Twitch, the Plague Rat

Insert joke about buying oracle’s or a pink ward and finally finding this sneaky little bastard.

Twitch has always been one of my favorite AD carries. I’m a huge fan of damage-over-time abilities and mechanics and Twitch has always had the potential to go crazy with that kind of thing. However, before the rework, his kit was… weird. Debilitating Poison was finnicky at best, the old Expunge (correct me if I’m wrong!) removed the poison from enemies, and Spray and Pray punished you for having a high attack speed by having a limited number of uses. Twitch used to be about hiding for a long time, then shredding a single enemy, then hiding some more.

Now, it seems like Twitch is more capable of AoE damage and actually carrying a team as opposed to just being an assassin. He’s far from AoE-centric and he’s not the greatest carry, but Venom Cask and the new Spray and Pray allows him to apply poison to groups much more easily, which means an easier time in teamfights. Also, Expunge doesn’t rip the poison out of dudes anymore, so that’s pretty cool because you’re no longer useless after hitting the button.

Twitch’s biggest strength has got to be the poison. If you get someone by surprise (which you probably will), you can take them out of the fight fairly easily. The fact that he does true damage and has piercing means that he can soften up the enemy team before a real fight breaks out, no matter how much armor they’ve stacked. He’s still squishy as hell, though, so you’ll have to be smart about when to engage.

My personal build is… Well, I’ll be honest. I haven’t the damnedest clue how to build a carry who isn’t Draven or Ezreal. My best guess would be get a fair amount of attack speed as soon as you can (via Phantom Dancer), then pick up an Infinity Edge. Maybe Bloodthirster if you think you can keep the stacks… As far as runes and masteries are concerned, it’s just your basic AD carry stuff for me.

I think the only advice I can give is to take advantage of your poison. His new stealth isn’t long-term enough to let you be especially clever with it, but your poison does a surprising amount of damage at full stacks (especially when you combine it with Expunge).

Considering Twitch is cheaper than when I grabbed him, you should give him a shot. If you were a fan of Draven but didn’t like the axe-catching mechanic, pick up Twitch. They’re fairly similar in that they both have DoTs and can catch up to people fairly quickly, but I’d say Twitch has a bit more burst than Draven.

Anyway, that’s me done for the day. Apologies for the delay on this thing, but it just wasn’t working for me earlier. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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