Music of the Wednesday – Another Dimension (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)

Yeah so much for me getting off Kirby music. What can I say, I was watching NakaTeleeli’s Let’s Play of it and I remembered how amazing this song is. So have an extended version!

Now, for those of you who haven’t played the game and know the context for this music… Well, go play it. You can fully enjoy it when you get back. Okay yeah, asking people to 100% the game is a bit (but only a bit) much. Definitely play the game if you ever get the chance, though. Anyway! This is the most heroic theme in Kirby history. You’ve rebuilt Magolor’s ship, the Lor Starcutter, and retrieved all of the energy spheres. Upon returning to Halcandra, Magolor’s extra-dimensional homeworld, you’re charged with slaying the vicious Landia, a dragon that holds control over the planet.

… Well, yeah, in typical Kirby fashion, Magolor’s kind of a lying jerk and wanted Landia’s artifact (the Master Crown) for himself. Basically, he goes full Marx. Anyway, after transforming due to the Crown, Magolor takes off in an inter-dimensional tunnel headed for Popstar. Despite being brutalized moments ago, Landia offers its power to Kirby, sending you into a light bullet hell level not too dissimilar from the Nova fight just before the end of Kirby Super Star’s Milky Way Wishes.

Why is this song so… so majestic and heroic? You’re not alone. Three former enemies, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Bandana Dee all helped you get this far. Magolor doesn’t have to just deal with Kirby and a buddy, he’s going up against five (or eight if all four bodies of Landia count) people who want him dead. It’s a nice change of pace since 0²’s crushingly hopeless song, really.

After fighting through this other dimension, you encounter Magolor and face off against the Lor Starcutter in an epic dogfight. After the Starcutter is destroyed, Magolor has nowhere to run and tries to deal with you personally in a more traditional boss fight… which I’ll probably talk about next week. Thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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2 Responses to Music of the Wednesday – Another Dimension (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Dat Kirby music. XD

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