Grass Pants Plays – Week 4

If I didn’t feel bad about putting out something short, I could easily sum this up with “Entirely too much Minecraft.” So yeah, rediscovered the Technic Pack and the wonders of apiculture with Forestry and IndustrialCraft 2. I’ve also been playing a lot of free to play stuff lately, like MicroVolts (review coming soon) and Blacklight: Retribution (review coming whenever I can pull myself away from MicroVolts). Anyone notice the abundance of free shooters coming to Steam?

I’m taking a break from (most of) the new stuff this season in terms of anime. It’s summer, I’ve got a lot of free time, and I really need to make my backlog less terrifying. Preferably before Guild Wars 2’s final beta weekend, because oh man we get to play as Asura! … And Sylvari, but that’s less important. It doesn’t help that, well… not a whole lot looks good. I’d rather get the stuff I’ve been meaning to watch for months now out of the way than try and slog through some same ol’ same ol’ romantic comedy or slice of life. I am thinking about doing weekly manga reviews (of reasonably short series, so no One Piece or anything like that because seriously man 500+ chapters ain’t gonna fly here), mostly because – like my anime backlog – my Touhou doujin backlog demands respect and ritualistic sacrifices.

… Well that was a weird sentence to go out on. Anyhoo, expect some cool stuff this week. Looking Back will probably come back because I remembered how great the Namco Museum series is and you will definitely get to read me ramble on about MicroVolts for a few hundred words. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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