Grass Pants Plays – Week 3

Okay, I normally don’t brag and boast, but I have got to tell you fine folks about one of the best League games I’ve had. So, I was playing Olaf because I felt like being fairly reckless and killing all the things. As is the case in most games, we had a jungler. AD Lux, to be specific.

So of course, I’m going into the game thinking the guy’s going to be an asshole and troll and all that, but he wasn’t. Anyway! I was solo top against Blitzcrank and Tryndamere and anyone who knows me, knows that I hate playing against both of them on their own. I figured this lane would be a rage-filled nightmare of grabs and slows and pain. Well, they decided to tower dive me fairly early (or I got caught by a grab, not sure which). It was a bit late for first blood, but – as if the viking gods had blessed me – I got a double kill and made it out with under 100 health. And that pretty well set the standard for how the rest of the match went. I crowned myself Prolaf, King of Promacia. Also, AD Lux whose name escapes me, if you’re reading this: Keep being a badass.

Oh, right, and I messed around with my PS2 backlog due to technical difficulties.

Onto anime! … Yeah, I didn’t watch much this week. Lots of company and lots of ‘I feel bad watching stuff when people are around.’ I did manage to pick up DearDrops after reading Kai’s review of it, so expect me to ramble on a bit about that sometime.

… Man, it just hit me that this is the final week of the Kirby retrospective series. Anyway, it’s the usual schedule this time around. Hopefully we get Jayce so I can write about someone new tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Grass Pants Plays – Week 3

  1. Kai says:

    Oh? Glad my review can at least “reach” out someone :D Hope to see what you think of it soon ;p

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