Potential Jayce Skills Leak!

I love these leak posts. As always, nothing is confirmed until Riot says it is! Many thanks to Wolf from LoLReport.com for putting this together. Definitely go check out his writeup if you can, but I’ll be transcribing the details and giving my thoughts, which are below the cut.

Passive: Jayce gains 40 bonus Movespeed and ignores unit collision for 1.25 seconds after each shift.

     Hammer Form:

Q – Thunderstrike: Deals magic damage based on % of target’s max HP and knocks target away.
W – Thunderleap: Jayce jumps to target location, dealing physical damage and applying a slow to all enemies hit.
E –  Shift Cannon: Shifts into cannon form, gaining increased range and new abilities.

     Cannon Form:

Q – Gate of Speed: Jayce summons an electrical gate boosting the Movespeed of teammates passing through. If Jayce’s ranged attacks pass through this gate, the projectiles gain damage/range/speed.
W- Energy Charge: Jayce charges himself with electricity, gaining attack speed for a few attacks.
E- Shift Hammer: Shifts into hammer form, gaining passive armor and magic resist and new abilities.

R- Lighting Field (Both forms): Passive: Jayce gains Mana on Auto attack.   Active: Create a Lighting field dealing AoE damage over time. (Think Kennen ultimate)

As far as everything goes, Jayce looks amazing so far. I don’t know how true all this is, but… Imagine poking from range, then Shift Hammer into a Thunderleap for the kill. I’ll keep you fine folks updated as more news comes out, and definitely go visit Wolf at LoLReport!

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