Grass Pants Plays – Week 2

And we’re back! Nothing like a week off to clear your mind and get ideas new material that you guys probably won’t see for a while because my backlog is a creature of fear and respect.

As far as gaming goes, I’ve spent way too much time on Minecraft (see my Zen of Grinding post for why), but I also managed to get in some other things. I’ve finally gotten around to playing the Touhou doujin RPG, The Genius of Sappheiros, as well as giving Kingdoms of Amalur a shot. It’s like an Elder Scrolls game, except with combat that doesn’t suck! I also had to force myself away from Dungeons of Dredmor and the new “You Have to Name the Expanion Pack” content in order to write this thing.

Speaking of things that don’t suck (several sentences ago!), I’m slowly plowing through my backlog. I’m caught up on Accel World, but Sankarea, Nyaruko-san, and Sengoku Collection are still huge and terrifying. I’ve also noticed that Another got an OVA over the past few weeks, so I’ll try to get out my impressions on that sometime soon. Maybe. I also may get started on Tiger and Bunny, because I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages now.

On that nonspecific note, this week’s going to be kind of weird. The only things I can guarantee is a champion impressions post, Kirby’s Dreamland 3 on Wednesday, and some kind of muse on Friday. This week’s bit of miscellany is up in the air. Hm. Y’know, let’s do something different. I feel like taking requests, so what do you fine folks want to see? Throw out stuff you’d like me to ramble on about for a bit and I’ll see what I can do. Anyway, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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4 Responses to Grass Pants Plays – Week 2

  1. Good to see you’re back. I see, I look forward to reading more reviews and opinions.

  2. John Sato says:

    Glad to have you back! The pantlessness was getting to me. :)

    As for what you should do, you should obviously talk about Fallou-I mean, something you’d want to make a post on! I guess what I’d be most interested in would be a game/anime review or retrospective on something you haven’t talked about before. I’d love to find out more about what your tastes are and what you’ve played/watched, so yeah.

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