Grass Pants Plays – Week 1

I’ve been doing some thinking and I’ve hit a conclusion. We’ve been too formal lately. Too serious. So I’ve decided to throw out something a bit more casual, something that should probably be called “Grass Pants Plays, Watches, Reads, etc,” but I’m a sucker for alliteration. This is basically everything that doesn’t stand on its own or that I want to briefly touch on. Enjoy!

This week I decided to pick up the Humble Indie Bundle 6 5 (don’t write posts at 3 AM, folks!), because I’ve heard good things about LIMBO. So far, all of my playtime with that thing went to it, so expect something on that soon. I briefly watched PauseUnpause play Lone Survivor, so I’ll have to give that a shot soon…

As far as the weekend goes, Grass Pants did indeed go to Tyria. I’ll have full impressions later today or tomorrow, including my thoughts on the earth-shatteringly crazy ending event.

I haven’t been watching anything lately. I feel weird watching stuff when company’s over, and a buddy of mine has fallen on some less-than-amazing times, so he’s crashing at my place. On a related note, I also feel weird writing when people are here, so posts may come a bit later than normal. In terms of manga, though, things have been a bit brighter. “This Is Why I’m Not Popular” got a new chapter, which is always fun.

I guess I could throw out a tentative schedule while I’m at it. On Tuesday, I’ll be getting around to either Guild Wars 2 or Jax impressions. Wednesday is Kirby’s Dreamland 3 and music. Thursday is… Probably whatever I don’t get to tomorrow. That or LIMBO. I love me some LIMBO. Friday is going to be the first of (hopefully) weekly Grass Pants Muses posts!

So, yeah. Uneventful and probably boring because I’m not too hot at doing these casual things yet, but hopefully it was vaguely interesting to some of you fine folks. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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