Looking Back – Kirby Super Star

Now, I normally play through the game before I’m writing these. Y’know, refresh my memory, keep my nonsense straight, all that fun stuff. Well, this Looking Back is different. This one deals with a game that I’ve played so much that I’ve pretty damn well memorized it. This is the post I’ve been waiting so long to make. Without further ado, I give you fine folks Kirby Super Star.

Kirby Super Star is the greatest Kirby game made and the second-greatest platformer (Mario 3 wins, if you’re wondering). Where as Dreamland 2 added a bit and took a lot away, KSS just kept adding and adding. You want abilities? Have over 20 of them, each with a bunch of different moves. Miss Dedede or Meta-Knight? They have adventures (‘sub-games’) dedicated to them? How about some new stuff? Well, we’ve got a Metroidvania-style treasure hunt, a battle against a giant bird, and a game that takes away your ability to copy enemies.

The biggest thing this game added, however, were the ‘helpers.’ Either AI or human-controlled characters based on whatever ability you wanted to give them. To be honest, this blew my mind as a kid. I had no idea that you could even do something like this and I was freaking out and excited as hell when I found out about it. In my opinion, the helpers and co-op gameplay is the reason me and a very close friend of mine have damn-near memorized the game. Also, it had Mirror and Yo-Yo Kirby!

Of course, it helped that it was just the best Kirby game to have come out. It was packed full of content to the point where I’m still discovering things. The controls were smooth and responsive, the abilities were incredibly fun, this game took everything I knew about Kirby and amplified all the great stuff while throwing the less-than-great stuff away.

I really can’t say too much about KSS, though. I can’t put to words how much this game means to me. If at all possible, go find yourself a SNES, a copy of the game, and a good buddy to sit down and play it with you. I can’t recommend this game enough, even if you just get KSS: Ultra on the DS. I’ve said that Chrono Trigger was my all-time favorite game, but… Well, I take that back. Kirby Super Star gave me far, far more than I ever expected. It helped solidify a relationship with my best and oldest friend, it gave me hundreds if not thousands of hours of enjoyment, and it helped push my favorite series to a level of greatness and excellence that it hasn’t seen since (although Return to Dreamland is close). If you take one piece of advice from me, make it this: Playing this game will let you appreciate all of the things, little and big, that Kirby has done to get to where it is today. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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  1. Ah, Kirby. You beautiful pink man/woman thing you.

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