Grass Pants Reviews – Super Monday Night Combat

What happens when you combine Mad World’s style with the endgoal of League of Legends or DotA and the gameplay of a third-person-shooter, with a dash of well-spoken suit-wearing gorillas? You get SMNC.

If you’ve played League or DotA, then you know how the game works. Each team tries to get their creeps/bots to the end of lanes  in order to break towers and the enemy team’s base (a Moneyball, in this case). You level up, get money from kills, all that familiar stuff. The game even has a jungle with not-quite-neutral bots that want to smash your face in.

Despite all of the familiarities, SMNC brings a whole host of new or altered mechanics. First, there is no item shop. Players use the vast amount of money they’ll no doubt end up with to pick up temporary buffs from in-universe product-placement billboards, bot-spawning buttons, and the almighty Annihilator, which allows you to heavily damage the enemy team and wipe out all of their bots. Usually the first guy who gets to the Annihilator decides the game and gives his team the chance for a winning push.

In terms of the out of game customization, SMNC brings us Products and Endorsements. Endorsements are pretty much like Runes in League, so I don’t need to explain that too terribly much. Products, however, are more like the perk system in Call of Duty. Products include simple things like “Snappy Comeback,” which gives a speed boost upon respawn to more specific ones like “Bot Buster,” which works like Bloodthirster, except with scaling damage for bots, turning you into a crazy pushing machine.

As expected, the game does have its problems. One of my biggest ones is the layout of the lobby/client screen. It fits the theme and style of the game nicely, but it’s horrible to look at and navigate. It’s entirely too ‘busy.’ Another pretty huge problem is the fact that, after leveling up your chosen skill or attribute, the skill window remains open. I mean, I get that people may want to see what Leo’s Adoration of the AI does, but you’ve got plenty of time to either read the skills pre-game or check it at the very beginning. There’s no reason to keep the window open after leveling up. Think about it this way: You level up in a teamfight or during a crucial moment, you need that extra point in something… and you get killed because you can’t close the window soon enough. This seems to be a common problem in these games, what with it being a problem in my next first impressions post.

Despite my problems with the game, it’s still fun. It’s good for when you want to play a MOBA, but want something different or don’t have 45+ minutes to throw down for a League match. I highly recommend everyone check it out because, hell, it’s free and you can’t really go wrong with free. Also, well-spoken suited gorillas. Anyhoo, I will be back tomorrow with some more League champion impressions, so thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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3 Responses to Grass Pants Reviews – Super Monday Night Combat

  1. Dizzi says:

    I haven’t gotten to play SMNC yet, but I loved MNC. I was a pretty beast assassin P:

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