Regarding the sudden ads

Hey, all. So, you may have noticed in the past few days ads popping up on the website. Well, I’ve been accepted into the WordAds program, which is going to give me a meager amount of cash at the end of each month for doing this. I’m being paid to write. First, let me say thank you for showing up and putting up with the weird scheduling issues and some really bad posts in the first few months (seriously, don’t look at the stuff around the start of 2011). This wouldn’t be possible without you guys, so I owe you so much.

Now, if you have any problems with the ads (because I haven’t been able to see them, even without AdBlock installed), like if it’s a program that’ll do bad crap to your computer or something, let me know and I’ll talk to WordPress about it to see if we can’t get something worked out. Again, thank you guys so much for letting me get this far and I’m going to be giving several-hundred percent to make Grass Pants the best damn website it can be.

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