Grass Pants Recommends – Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore

Nothing’s quite as fun as a good, tense game. Y’know, like Minecraft. That… happy, block-based game with pigs that have silly faces and you become pretty well invincible with a shelter. Wait, we’re talking about a Minecraft where you’re alone and several other people are hunting you? Where damage is near-permanent and the smallest mistake can be fatal? Yep.

Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is probably the most fun I’ve ever had watching a Minecraft video (or twelve, as the case is). Aside from everything being incredibly tense because you never know who – or what – is around that next corner or in that dark spot of a cave, the presentation is amazing. Here, lemme show you what I’m talking about. Go ahead and check out the intro if nothing else.

The music is tense, the avatar fanart is well-done, the just_defy has a weird, vaguely seductive look on his face. Everything is top notch. It helps that all of the participants are fun and enjoyable to watch. The roster includes some of my favorite Youtube people, like KurtJMac and PauseUnpause, but it also introduced me to some new guys who I can’t get enough of, like Pakratt and MCGamer. The entire list of participants for this season is excellent.

If you want to check it out, which I highly recommend you do, videos go up at 6 PM EST on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You’ll definitely want to start from the beginning, since we’re about three episodes in as I’m writing this. So yeah, definitely give it a shot because it’s the best Minecraft thing I’ve seen in ages.

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