After many hours of searching while on an incredibly tight schedule…

… I have found tengu! Click for the image in its full, made-from-four-screenshots glory. (Also, my necromancer from today makes a cameo appearance in the background!)

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6 Responses to After many hours of searching while on an incredibly tight schedule…

  1. darkandchoco says:

    What game is this? =3

    • Guild Wars 2. Was my first time playing since there was a weird account error during the first beta weekend (which is why I never did first impressions).

      I’m going through withdrawal as we speak. Gimme my necro back, ArenaNet.

      • darkandchoco says:

        Ohhh interesting.. is this a recommendable MMO? =3 I miss playing one.. last MMO I played was Dragon Nest. XD

      • I’d be willing to say yes. It’s… /kinda/ like Dragon’s Nest in that it’s action-y, yet still hotkey-based.

        If nothing else, I have one thing to say about it: It’s the only game where I’ve never (during a marathon session of gaming) ran out of stuff to do. The game is so ridiculously packed with stuff that I doubt I’ll ever end up doing more than half of it.

        Also, the cities are bloody massive and glorious and I WILL bring my first impressions after the next beta weekend.

      • darkandchoco says:

        Oh this is interesting.. I might try it :D

      • Hooray I have potentially recruited someone!

        I’d recommend checking out some of the videos and stuff before you make your decision, though. Can’t play as Awesome McBirddude up there (yet, rumor says we’ll be able to play as ’em come expansion time), sadly, so I hope you weren’t hoping too much for that.

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