Grass Pants is Going to Tyria!

So the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event is only about two hours away and I’m particularly excited for it. So, y’know, don’t expect much this weekend. I’ll get some first impressions out during one of my breaks and hopefully get Mirai Nikki done before everything starts.

Also, if you fine folks would like to join me in failing horribly because it’s been a good year+ since I’ve played an MMO, I’ll be rolling on the North American server Tarnished Coast (the unofficial RP server this side of the pond). I’m not entirely sure how setting up a friend list works, but look for one of two characters: James Strecker (human necro) or Grav Blazefury (charr elementalist).

See you guys in Tyria! Also, B and V being right next to one another be damned.

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