Grass Pants Reviews – Gotham City Imposters

Hey guys, I’m currently dealing with finals and  a cold, so my update schedule has been kind of weird. Unfortunately that means that I’m dropping a lot of my unwatched anime (for first impressions, anyway) in order to catch up on my backlog. I’ll try to get out the last one tomorrow or later today, but in the meantime, enjoy a piece that I’ve had sitting around for a bit.

As long as superheroes have been around, everyone has wanted to be one. It’s a core part of childhood,  pretending to be Batman or Superman with a towel-cape tied around your neck as you run through your house. Now, fast-forward to today. What if those kids still had the same near-fanatical devotion to their heroes as grown men and women… and a small army’s worth of weapons, both conventional and wacky? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Gotham City Impostors.

Gotham City Imposters puts the player in the shoes of one of two rival gangs: The overzealous Bats or the psychotic Jokerz. Throughout the game’s three modes and handful of maps, players work with their team to score kills and objectives. The modes, as of the time of this writing, include a classic team deathmatch, the CTF-inspired Psych Warfare in which players compete for a battery for a propaganda machine, and the control point Fumigation.

Gotham City Imposters wouldn’t have caught my interest if it was yet another superhero game or generic FPS that took a few pages from Call of Duty. No, dear readers, this game is as crazy as the gang members you play the part of. Everything is exaggerated and silly. Get a kill? Your enemy will hear a witty quip based on what voice you’re using. Like rocket launchers? Ours are made out of PVC piping and launch bottle rockets. Happen to want to play an overweight man in Joker facepaint and a speedo, running around in rollerskates and cutting people to bits with a replica katana? More power to ya. The game is full of this kind of parodic, outlandish style. But style can only get a game so far; how’s the gameplay?

The gameplay is quite similar to Call of Duty, it’s nice and familiar. You sprint, you shoot, you hope your bullets hurt more than the other guy’s or that his aim sucks. But I wouldn’t be talking about this if it was just a Batman-shaped CoD clone. The game supplements its normal weapons with more bizarre gadgets and support items. The glider rig, for example, allows players to soar through the skies of the city and attack from above with a hard-hitting divebomb attack. Well, it’s not so much soaring as it is hitching a ride from an updraft or a particularly high jump.

The actual combat is only half the fun of this game. If you like an absolutely absurd amount of unlockables, Gotham City Imposters is your game. Almost to the point of parody, it’s rare – if not outright impossible – to rank up and not unlock something. Body types that determine various statistics such as melee attack damage and speed, bits of haphazardly thrown together costumes for your chosen factions, and even catchphrases for your character’s ‘calling card,’ which shows up when you kill an enemy. Everything is unlockable and customizable to an amazing degree, which adds massive replay value as far as I’m concerned.

In the end, Gotham City Imposters is a fine, fine game. If you like CoD and maybe want something that doesn’t take itself seriously and just flat-out makes fun of a lot of the conventions of superheroes and FPSes, definitely check it out. It’s a nice enjoyable bit of dumb fun with great style. Everything from the weapons to the menus and background art let you know what kind of game this is: It is a game about grown men with black market guns pretending to be superheroes. And it’s pretty damn cool.

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