First Impressions – Sankarea

I never thought I would see the day when ‘zombie romance’ was an appropriate way to describe something other than a horrible nightmare or pot-fueled scribblings.

So hey, another blind shot at something from spring. The usual stuff applies as far as the aesthetic and quality side goes: Everything looks pretty nice, but nothing too special. Although it does remind me of a slightly less SHAFT-y Bakemonogatari. There are still the art shifts and SHAFT-like scenes, but it’s toned down and overall more normal. Music was nothing to write home about and – aside from the ‘please make it stop’ OP – I never even noticed any.

But, y’know, this isn’t a show that you watch for the art or the music. This is a show that you watch for the sweet, loving story of a boy, his potentially zombified/dead cat, and his entrails-hanging-out zombie girlfriend. I’m not kidding, that’s how it goes. It’s an interesting as hell premise and thankfully the characters can support it. Everyone is likeable, from Furuya’s slightly terrifying obsession with hooking up with the undead to Ranko’s slightly terrifying implications that she wants to hook up with her cousin. I am calling that one right now because I have never seen cousin relationships in anime go any other way. So yeah, everyone is fun and enjoyable and strange.

Well… except for one person. Sanka Rea, daughter of a rich, influential family and title character of the series. Also the female lead, which makes her Furuya’s abomination of a lover. I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe it’s her constant complaining in the first real scene she’s in, maybe it’s her complete ignorance, maybe I just don’t like zombies, but I had no idea I was capable of hating a female lead more than Senjougahara from Bakemono. It’s like they took the bitchiness and abuse away from Senjougahara and replaced it with just… whiny, angsting annoyance.

Granted, I could be wrong. Maybe being a zombie makes her less annoying, who knows? But anyway, aside from her, it’s a good show. If nothing else, give it a shot because… Well, it’s got a hell of a premise and I feel that some vague semblance of originality should be rewarded. Anyhoo, expect the first impressions to wrap up this week. Which will then be followed by final impressions. I’m never escaping this backlog, am I? Whatever, as always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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6 Responses to First Impressions – Sankarea

  1. nananonina says:

    Huh, I thought it was ‘Is this a Zombie?’ considering the title of the show. Anyways, if you didn’t like the romzom in here, there’s always Shaun of the Dead XD Nono, I’m joking.

    Yes, I wondering how many ‘First Impressions’ you’ve got on your list! It was beginning to sound like you only watch the first episodes! XD

    • I have honestly never seen Shaun. Mostly because I’m just not a huge fan of zombies.

      Regarding the number of first impressions – Too damn many.

      And, yeah. I don’t really have enough to say about each individual episode, and… Well, I’m a horrible procrastinator. It doesn’t help that I have a few other projects going on at the moment, either.

      Also, I don’t want this thing to be all anime, all the time, y’know?

      Thanks for the comment!

      • nananonina says:

        Ah~ I understand, I was veeery scared at the gruesome scenes.. But it was too damn funny to not watch it, haha~!

        Yes, a tad too much methinks. xD

        Ah~ We all push our schedual around a bit~ hehe.. Yes, projects are important too. =D

        Huh? I thought this blog WAS about all anime? XD

      • Nope, I TRY to keep a nice balance between gaming and anime.
        The start of a season throws me off like crazy.

  2. Rea-Chan says:

    I haven’t read the manga/novel so I really don’t have any idea on what the zombie will look like. Just watched episode 1 and 2 and I can say that I’m impressed of Rea chan’s personality as well as the pacing of the show. I’m really not into Romance but I find this anime cute!

    • Wow, I am all kinds of sorry right now. I honestly did not notice your comment until today and, as such, it didn’t show up. Thousands of apologies for me being derpy about that.

      And, super-late response, but I’ve slowly been catching up on it and it’s pretty good, despite my loathing of romance.

      Once again, sorry about the comment mishap.

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