First Impressions – Sengoku Collection

Finally I’m getting back to something decent. Or, well, something that gave me a few chuckles anyway. So, do you wish that Nobunaga was a pink-haired girl in a miniskirt and high heels and that Araragi got another role outside of the Monogatari series? You’re in luck, you strange, strange fellow.

I’ll be honest, I mainly checked this out because it had the word Sengoku in it. The historian in me is a complete sucker for this time period, but I wasn’t expecting it to be very good. I was… kind of wrong about that. The cold opening is flashy as hell, with a big fire or explosion of magic or something. Either way, whatever happened jettisoned the not-quite-manly warlords of the Sengoku era to modern day Japan. Because why not.

The art is pretty good. Fairly typical stuff, really, but a lot of the little touches in the background are nice. There are more derpy moments than I would like (really anything where the focus isn’t on a character’s face, but the face is still visible counts here), but I’m giving it a bit of a pass because, hey, first episode. Character designs are pretty standard, too. It basically boils down to appeal to ALL the fetishes. Nobunaga’s busty, Ieyasu’s a loli, sure why not. Surprisingly little fanservice so far, which makes me happy. Aside from the standardness of everything, I like how it’s willing to switch to a sillier style when appropriate. It doesn’t take itself seriously, as far as the art goes.

The sound has some nice stuff going on as well. Opening is pretty good, but nothing excellent. Ending is kind of bad, but – like a lot of this – it’s typical. Upbeat happy female singing over mostly still images of the girls. My biggest plus with this show so far (aside from the fact that it doesn’t seem like it’ll turn into a damn harem series) is that they use cartoon-y sound effects. It knows it’s a comedy of some description and it plays with that, which is nice.

I can’t say too much for the writing, but I’m enjoying what I’ve seen so far. If you fine folks remember back when I wrote about C3, I mentioned that it was pretty cool for this character to be understandably oblivious about the modern world. Sengoku Collection pulls this off so well and there’s a little ‘let’s get Nobunaga kind of used to the time period’ montage, which is probably my favorite scene. Oota (or as I prefer to call him, Definitely Not Araragi) is enjoyable so far, too. He’s not your typical harem-esque protagonist. He’s not an idiot, he’s not accidentally feeling up every girl who walks by and he seems to have some sort of respect or friendly affection with Nobunaga. I really hope this doesn’t change.

Despite being incredibly standard in a lot of ways it’s pretty decent so far. Again, my inner historian is swayed by Sengoku era characters, but it’s pretty much an in name and most basic personality only kind of thing. My biggest complaint with the series so far is that the animators seem to be half-assing some of the shots and that Nobunaga is treading way too closely to the dreaded tsundere line for my tastes. I think I’ll keep up with this, though, provided that it doesn’t fall into the usual pitfalls of the genre. Anyway, that is me done for today. Apologies about the lack of updates over easter weekend, because… Well, it was easter weekend. Family and all that. Anyhoo, if you enjoy this post feel free to check out some of my other stuff and let your friends know, because every reader counts. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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