First Impressions – Polar Bear’s Cafe

Have you ever found something you really wanted to like because the idea was clever, but couldn’t fully enjoy because everything seemed to half-assed? Unfortunately, Polar Bear’s Cafe is that series, average in every way possible.

I can’t really say too much about it because, well, there isn’t too much. It’s a bunch of character interaction and jokes. The art is really nice when there’s a lot of nature in the scene, though. The backgrounds, while not quite beautiful, are pretty.

To be completely honest, the series is average in every way possible. It’s not hilarious, but kind of clever in some places. The music isn’t memorable, the art is just decent. As captivated as I was by the premise of “Hey, let’s take a slice of life and replace most of the humans with animals living in very human ways,” it’s… it’s just average. I’d say watch it only if you like your wordplay noticeably less clever than Bakemono or you have nothing else to do.

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