First Impressions – Space Brothers

Spring already? Man, I miss winter with all its crazy nonsense and snow and not 80 degree weather… Right, then, enough of my complaining about something that’s not Black Rock Shooter’s post-credits! Space Brothers is… well, quite self-explanatory. Brothers going to space. Or trying to, anyway.

I have to say, I was expecting some boring, bland series going into this. Thankfully, Space Brothers proves to be anything but that. The art is absolutely fantastic and very much like Cromartie High in some respects. There are a few particularly brilliant moments in the first episode, such as present-day Mutta listening to the tape he recorded as a child. The sepia-toned characters on a black background worked nicely, as did the setting finally coming into view when the ‘UFO’ appeared and they made their promise. It’s a great way of showing how vividly he remembers that day. Another excellent scene would have to be Hibito at training. He’s surrounded by this grey, dead machinery until he presses a button. Then everything lights up and becomes just all kinds of beautiful before fading to an aerial shot of Japan dotted with lights.

The music is also really well-done. It fits the scene and is actually kind of noticeable this time around. Special mention goes to the opening for being completely silly. You guys get where I’m coming from with the whole ‘It’s like Cromartie High, except without all the drugs’ thing? Space Brothers’ ending theme is far more down-to-earth and serious, but it’s not quite my thing. Voice acting is also extremely high quality, especially adult Mutta’s.

The plot hasn’t really gotten started yet, but it’s definitely going to be one of those things you watch for the character development. Everyone feels real. You can understand Mutta’s father being disappointed, hell even annoyed, that his adult son moved back in like some kind of deadbeat. Granted, he may not have expected much of Mutta, given the outcome of the sports game when he was born. You can still tell that his parents love him, though, even though his father is… seemingly distant and traditionally Japanese, if that makes sense.

All in all, Space Brothers is definitely something I’m keeping up with and I highly recommend you fine folks to do so, too. It’s got so many opportunities to be an excellent show, I really hope they do great things with this. Anyway, that’s me done for now. No champion impressions tomorrow because I don’t feel comfortable writing about anyone else yet and I’d hate to put out something less than great. Also, Brave 10 final impressions are coming, but that’ll probably hit around Thursday or Friday. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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7 Responses to First Impressions – Space Brothers

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    You’re complaining about no snow? And warm weather? For shame! Yay for Spring and possibly an enjoyable spring season of anime.

  2. John Sato says:

    I more of a Spring/Fall person myself, given that in Winter my house’s pipes freeze and in Summer I burn like a match. Having no known allergies also helps.

    Well, dang. You know, I already have like 13 shows I want to watch this season. There’s no way I’ll be able to watch even those with my college schedule, but c’mon. Now I have to add another one?! :)

    Nice review, I’ll have to check this out. Also, I look forward to your Brave 10 review! I just wrote one myself, and “comparing notes” is one of my favorite things to do.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Rei says:

    The show is really a big surprise for me. I though it’s going to be something average what what I get is more than average. It’s simply awesome. So far the only show i’m really impressed this season is only SpaceBros, Kurono no Basuke, Sakamichi no Apollon and Tsuritama. All are great shows that has the potential to be one of the best this season. Oh and yeah Fate/Zero if you are talking about a 2nd season anime :p

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