Weekly Recap – 3/23/2012

Another Friday, another bunch of news. I’ve searched all around for the best of the best stories, so I hope you fine folks enjoy.

Epic Mickey Sequel Announced

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Warren Spector will be heading the sequel, Oswald will be playable, andit’s a musical. Sorry ArenaNet and Blizzard, my hype is taken. We don’t have a date for Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two (kind of redundant name, but hey), but it will be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. I can’t wait for this thing. Also, GamesRadar just released their preview of the sequel, so go check it out!

ArenaNet Talks Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions

This seems pretty interesting. The fact that we canĀ  buy things with the real-money currency of gems or the in-game gold is pretty cool and reminds me of, like Mr. O’Brien said, the PLEX system from EVE Online as well as Riot Games’ approach in League of Legends. Also, gems can be traded to other players and sold for gold? That’s… really unexpected. I look forward to seeing how it works out, and I’d like to hear more about the karma system soon.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Getting Mass Effect DLC

Because why not.

Go Nagai Writing New Devilman Manga

Leiji Matsumoto coming back for Ozma and Go Nagai coming back for a new Devilman series? It makes me feel good to see the veterans of the industry getting back to making stuff again. Never read Devilman, but I’ll probably end up giving Grimoire a shot.

Gamesradar’s David Houghton Discusses the Demise of GAME

I honestly wonder when Gamestop over here in the U.S. will go under. Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of brick and mortar game-specific stores? Part of me kind of hopes so (because seriously, to hell with how they do publishers with used games), but… I don’t think so. Not yet, anyway. Steam, Desura, Gamers Gate? They’re all great, but a lot of people still don’t have the internet capabilities to get all their stuff digitally. Maybe in five or ten years we’ll see Gamestop finally close up shop.

.Hack Series Getting a Fighting Game

Well this actually looks pretty cool. I’m kind of excited, despite not being the world’s biggest fighting game fan. If nothing else, it looks pretty as hell and the collector’s edition is full of stuff. Why don’t we get collector’s editions like this that often?

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