First Impressions – Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

It just dawned on me that Lulu is our first female Yordle since Poppy and Tristana. Anyway, no time for wit! You people are waiting for a first impressions post.

On the aesthetics side of things, everything’s up to snuff. Model and animations are nice, particle effects are pretty good, too. I’ve noticed that she’s surprisingly jittery when idling, though. Not to the point of Ziggs’ having a mini-seizure, but her idle animation is a lot less idle than most champions. The voice is really well done, too. It’s like a less manic Tristana that has a constant sense of awe and wonder about her. Of particular note is her autoattack (or perhaps Pix’s attack) sound. It sounds really big and satisfying, but doesn’t quite fit the rest of her feel.

Her skins are hit and miss. On one hand, Bittersweet’s splash art looks is horrible to look at. On the other hand, she turns enemies into sentient cupcakes. Vice versa for Wicked. Great model and splash art, meh quality polymorph change. It doesn’t help that Bittersweet reminds me of an evil version of the orphan matron from Mirai Nikki.

Anyhoo, let’s talk playstyle. I’m not one to jump at the chance to play support (mostly because I’m bad at it), but Lulu is really fun. She’s aggressive to the point of not feeling like a shield/heal/ward-bot. I think this is the direction Riot needs to end up going with, well, all their champions, but mostly supports. Give us something to do aside from sitting around, helping buddies and dropping the occasional ward. Alternatively, just let Xypherous design everyone from now on. I can’t think of a single champion of his I don’t like.

Also, I have to say, as a guy who’s only really played Taric for his support, shields are satisfying as hell to pull off. It’s one thing to save someone with a clutch heal, but blocking a huge amount of damage with a shield? Nothing quite beats that. It’s a tiny thing that few people notice and appreciate, but it feels good knowing that someone lived thanks to your quick reflexes. Granted, there’s a downside to knowing that had you reacted a fraction of a second earlier, your legendary Ashe wouldn’t have died. Feels bad, man.

Anyway, I’ve only played her as support with varying degrees of success, but it feels like she could be a situational mid or solo top. She hits hard enough with higher ranks of Help, Pix! without too much bonus AP, so I could see it working. I was actually watching Guardsman Bob play a few games with her while writing this and apparently attack speed Lulu is terrifying.

Anyhoo, do I recommend her? Eh… Kind of. Support’s not for everyone, so I’d say only pick her up if you’re a diehard support fan or just like what Xypherous tends to do. Everyone else should wait until free week, though. It takes some time getting used to her, but she’s pretty satisfying when you learn how she works. Also, I highly recommend having smart cast on at least Whimsy and Help, Pix!. It works wonders. Anyway, that’s me done for now. If you fine folks like what you see her, feel free to subscribe via email or tell your friends (or enemies!), because every reader helps immensely. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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6 Responses to First Impressions – Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

  1. Sarckz says:

    Because I’m only a fan of fighters, this will be the first champion I choose mainly for how it looks. Her style is really “adorable” and well animated. Those skills look interesting, specially the shield and her ultimate. I think I’m going to wait until free week just like you said (while I try to get enough IPs) then I’ll give her a try and see if I like her. Also I have to try something that’s not a fighter :P

    Anyway, good post, it made me pay attention to some important points of every champion

    • Let me know if I can recommend anyone else to ya, since I own everyone.

      which i’m not entirely proud to admit

      Thinking about doing a few fighter/bruiser/tanky DPS/whatever impressions soon. Been playing a lot of Trundle…

      And, out of curiosity, what’d it make you pay attention to? I like getting as much information across in these things as possible.

      Thanks for the comment! Hit me up on Skype if you’re up for a game later today.

  2. Dizzi says:

    I haven’t played much of Lulu yet but she does have a really fun play style. Although I’ve mostly tried to play support (because I’ve wanted to support but I suck at Sona…) she seems like she could be a beastly AP Carry.

    One thing I’ve notice though about her sprite is she’s huge. Her “chibi” frame is really exaggerated and looks funny if you stand beside an Ashe, Ashe looks like the small one LOL. It’s something I’ve noticed with some of the sprites, they aren’t proportional/scaled from one to another, if that makes any sense.

    • >she could be a beastly AP Carry.

      As someone who has laned against her as AP? Absolutely terrifying.

      And the proportions are quite wonky, I think it’s a problem of the older models. Or just an artistic choice thing. And yeah, I did notice that she looks absolutely massive (which makes my comparison to the orphan matron of Mirai Nikki fairly appropriate).

      Thanks for the comment and follow! Feel free to add me if you’re on the NA servers.

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