Grass Pants Reviews Realm of the Mad God

Like many of you fine folks, I have an absolutely massive backlog of stuff I want to write about or watch or play. Realm of the Mad God was one of those games. Realm of the Mad God is an MMO like no other. There is no attempt at a big, epic storyline. There is no PVP. There are no real abilities. What it does have though is many, many bullets.

Essentially an MMO danmaku RPG, Realm of the Mad God is nothing like anything I’ve ever played before. You start off playing as a wizard (one of the game’s thirteen classes) in a small tutorial area. Upon beating the tutorial, you’re thrown out into the world in order to fight and survive on your way to the level cap. In any other MMO, this would be a weeks or months-long exercise in tedium; however, Realm of the Mad God does it differently. Leveling up is fast and (relatively) easy, what with the level cap being twenty.

What about after you hit the cap? Well, the ‘endgame’ consists of finding and killing Oryx’s minions, which are high-level boss monsters with unique mechanics. After taking out the bosses, Oryx will prevent anyone from leaving the world (outside of logging out or dying). Killing all of them will teleport every player in the world to Oryx’s castle for an epic, terrifyingly painful showdown. Oh, right. I mentioned dying, didn’t I? It’s kind of important, because Realm of the Mad God has permadeath.

Perma-death in an MMO, no joke. This is one of the cool things about this game, it lets you screw up and punishes you accordingly. Granted, death isn’t all that bad as you’ll likely have only one character slot unless you shell out money for a second one. Hopefully before you die, though, you’ll end up being high enough level to unlock one of the other thirteen classes.

Also, after dying, you gain access to whatever Fame your character had. Fame is the in-game currency, allowing you to buy potions, drake eggs, dungeon keys, and all that good stuff. Also, Fame helps you out in the leaderboards, but you’ll need a ton of the stuff to even make it to the top twenty.

Because it’s such a simple and straight-forward game, I can’t really say too much about it. It’s definitely a fun way to kill some time and, hey, it’s free. If you’re looking for something unique and surprisingly hard, definitely give Realm of the Mad God a shot. And as always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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2 Responses to Grass Pants Reviews Realm of the Mad God

  1. Radbeard says:

    my take on it was that it was more of a grind-only game. It just attempts to satisfy your gamer desire for more numbers but without any reason to make it fulfilling. Strategies mostly consist of getting hordes of player together and not doing anything too dangerous. I agree its an interesting game but, I don’t think its worth sinking much time into.

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