Circle Spotlight – SOUND HOLIC

Way back when I first started really getting into Touhou music (and music in general, to be honest), I stumbled upon SOUND HOLIC. I… guess it would be right to call them my ‘first love’ of music. So, what makes them so great? What makes them worthy of this post today instead of everyone else? Give me a moment of your time to answer those questions.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to all their songs and maybe what I have listened to isn’t exactly their best work. But, well, I like upbeat music with vocals and they’ve got that pretty well nailed. I guess what sealed the deal with SOUND-HOLIC was the fact that they dedicated an entire album to Touhou 8: Imperishable Night. Even to this day, Endless Seeker is my favorite IN-centric album.

I’ll admit that their songs do get a bit Engrish-y, but I guess that’s part of the charm. You can tell they’re having a good time recording this stuff. And, hell, even if it is Engrish, they’re still really talented singers.

I know that this post seems a bit short, but I honestly can’t think of anything else to say about these guys. To me, they’re like the best ‘entry level’ Touhou music circle, if that makes sense. Let’s compare them to IOSYS. They’re both reasonably popular, so you find people talking about them. They both get a decent number of PVs and stuff, which inevitably makes its way to Youtube. And, let’s face it, both circles have really catchy stuff, even if you hate IOSYS. This gives them a huge appeal to newcomers, which will eventually lead them to other music circles. This is assuming they like what they hear, and IOSYS tends to be kind of hit or miss.

All in all, SOUND-HOLIC is a great gateway circle before you start looking for stuff like A-One or Lila’c Records or something like that. If you’ve never really checked out Touhou music, then I can’t recommend SOUND-HOLIC enough. Anyway, I hope everything made sense to you fine folks. Again, the best way to get what I’m trying to say is just check out some of their songs. Anyhoo, that is me done for now. I should have some more anime and game reviews coming soon, along with some really exciting news. As always, thanks for your support and have  a good’un.

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14 Responses to Circle Spotlight – SOUND HOLIC

  1. Kyousuke says:

    When I first got into Touhou Music, Sound Holic was the third circle I really got into, after Demetori and Crow’s Claw. However, I took a liking to them for a very different reason: the jazz and some of the electric non-vocals. My first Sound Holic album was Touhouteki Muten Gensouten. Songs like Asteroid Blues, Sympathy for the Devil, Mystic Syndrome, Jazz in Greenwich, and Girl of Sky and Wind really were up my alley. I still listen to these songs often to this day. In my opinion, what really made Sound Holic great was the Issay and Geist Band.They are probably the best Touhou Doujin Jazz group out there in my opinion. I really wish they made more music. I’m glad you took a liking to Sound Holic, though for a different aspect.

    • … You, sir, know far more about this topic than I do. I had to look up a huge lot of what you said. Thanks for the comment, and I’ll definitely check out Crow’s Claw!

      Also, for some reason, I can’t get into Touhou Jazz. Like… I enjoy jazz and I enjoy Touhou, but not together. It’s weird.

  2. Norbert says:

    i started to listen to touhou music a lot lately and i love it.
    but i have a question: where do you guys get the music? i am stuck with youtube :( and i can´t get anything from the websites of the circles (i dont speak jpn).
    could you guys help me out?

    • That is a very, very good question that I unfortunately don’t have an answer to. I used to have a usual place where I bought my stuff (that was in English), but I can’t seem to find it.

      Let me talk to some folks and get back to you, maybe I’ll be able to help more after that…

      • Norbert says:

        thank you. i didn´t expect an answer that fast. I´m looking forward to hear from you.

    • Okay! I said I’d get back to you and I meant it. It’s not my USUAL place (because I haven’t a damned idea of what it was), but has a decent selection. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of Japanese on the website, but you should be able to type in a circle or album name and get results. Also, the ‘important’ information (shipping and all that) seems to be in English. Here’s Sound Holic’s page, for instance.

      Another few sites I’ve found are CD Japan and Yes Asia.

      Hope that helps, I’d recommend asking a more musically-inclined blog because my memory is kind of rusty about this kind of thing.

      What are some of your favorite songs, by the way?

  3. Norbert says:

    okay thank you!
    ehm. I kinda have a problem to say what my favorites are because since i use youtube, i go by the thumbnail pics a lot and i dont really know what exactly the descriptions says (haha).

    but i really enjoy “A.D 1884″, ” Phantasmagoria”, “sweet dear Vampress” from soundholic
    “Starmine” from “XL Project”
    “pandemic”, “Shall We Dance?” from Liz Triangle (i really like the female voice here)

    well i like the metal-/rockish songs but there are a few calm one that i love.

    i dont know if i got them all right. i am getting a little confuse about all the arranger and circle things. I dont fully understand what a circle means. I wish there is an overview of all circles/ arranger/ vocal artist/ etc. and maybe you can help me out here too?

    greetings norbert

    • I… have only heard of Shall We Dance? from Liz Triangle. Granted, I’ve got too much stuff to REALLY remember. Good choice with them and Sound Holic, though!

      I recommend A-One, too, especially if you like amazing English lyrics (anything with T. Stebbins/Odyssey on vocals). Yellow Zebra, despite being disbanded (from what I’ve read), are also really excellent. And Soy South has one of my favorite Gensokyo Millenium remixes, so check those guys out, too.

      Also, as far as a big overview, your best bet is the Touhou Wiki’s page on doujin music. You can usually find the CDs if you put in the circle name and event (like Sound Holic Comiket 81) in Google. And a circle is, to my limited understanding, a doujin group who produces and sells fanworks, be they music, doujinshi, or games.

      • Norbert says:

        So.. thank you for all the information. Its a lot of stuff i have to go through.

        I will check out the other circles. But i think ill stick to youtube for a bit longer, until i find more music and circles to buy them all at once (international shipping is kinda high)

        and again thank you for all the help.

      • No worries! And yeah, you’ll eventually get used to it. Kind of. To some extent.

        But yeah, definitely agreeing with sticking with youtube or something until you get a lot of stuff you’d want to buy. I really wish that more circles embraced digital distribution (for CDs and other things if possible).

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