Music of the Wednesday – Mosaic Roll (Russian version by Emnily)

So I’ve been listening to some cool Vocaloid stuff recently. At least people tell me it’s Vocaloid, anyway. Anyhoo, this is weird because… well, let’s face it, most Vocaloid songs kinda suck. And even when you find the good one, you still have to put up with a voice that doesn’t sound entirely human (which is why I dropped Vocaloid a while back). But, every now and then you come across a song that’s not only really good, but also has a lot of covers. Really good covers. Without further ado, you fine folks, here is Mosaic Roll!

It’s a very familiar tune. I’m not sure why, nor am I quite sure where, but I swear I’ve heard this before. I can’t put my finger on it, but it sounds like something I’ve listened to over and over in the past. Who knows, maybe it is.

A particular bit of this song that I enjoy is the ‘undertone’ of the guitar (or perhaps bass?). The higher, kinda tinny sounding bit. It seems to bring focus back to the music, whereas theamazing vocals steal the show throughout the rest of the song.

Speaking of which, I can’t get enough of Emnily’s singing. I highly recommend you check out her other stuff if you like Mosaic Roll. I honestly never expected Russian to sound good, let alone downright beautiful. This kind of quality deserves more looking into than just a single post, so I’ll probably end up doing a spotlight on her work sometime in the future.

Anyhoo, that’s me done with this week’s MotW. I’ll be checking back in sometime this evening or night (from the perspective of EST, anyway) with my first impressions on Fiora, the Grand Duelist. If you fine folks like what you see here, feel free to check out my other works and if you like it enough, please subscribe or tell your friends, because every reader  counts. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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