Music of the Wednesday – ネクロジカライズ (Necrojicalize)

Do you wish that Liz Triangle, a somewhat new Touhou music circle, did a song that had a similar feel to Mirai Nikki’s first opening? Well, if so, you’re probably the same guy who wanted Gurren Lagann plus Rave Master. Welcome back, you gentleman of strange and specific tastes! Since you’re here, let’s take a look at track two from Liz Triangle’s Comiket 81 album.

Another song I’ve been listening to for the past while now, this is possibly the most absolutely perfect remix of either of Yuyuko’s themes. The beginning, pre-chorus anyway, is particularly haunting and the multiple vocalists (or illusion of multiple vocalists) give it the feeling of surrounding you, assuming that makes sense.

Then the chorus hits. Remember, this is Yuyuko’s theme. A former final boss. Someone who has the power over death itself. She’s not screwing around, despite showing up earlier. The chorus is an excellent indicator of that; the song goes from haunting and slow to more fast paced. Danmaku is flying everywhere, the intensity of the fight has cranked up.

Then… it slows again. Calm before the storm to lull you into a false sense of security before everything picks up again. It’s faster and more frantic than ever before. After that, the song is over. You won. Congratulations. And even if you didn’t win, the fight’s over. Well, the song’s over anyway.

… That metaphor is way bigger than I intended it to be, so I hope it makes sense. Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by again, fellow with specific and odd tastes. And the rest of you. As always, feel free to follow me on twitter or subscribe or something if you like what you see. If you’re here for the music, check back in a week. For the rest of you, I’ll see you fine folks tomorrow. Thanks for the support and have a good’un.

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