Praise instead of punishment? – Grass Pants Muses on a commendation system in League of Legends

So, anyone who plays LoL or DotA or anything online knows that… Well, people on the internet kind of suck for the most part. The guy who rages over little things like losing first blood or having to burn a summoner spell to get away from an invasion. The last pick player who decides to instalock Evelynn and feed like a madman, purely out of spite. Everyone knows of these types of people, and hopefully reports them after 20+ minutes of their particular brand of toxicity.

But what about the other people? The Good Guy Gragas who gives you a great leash at blue. The Taric who never takes your CS or kills and promptly wards ganking routes. The Udyr who, after a botched teamfight, gives up his own life to stall the enemy and help everyone else live. Why can we report the jerks and assholes, but not commend the team players and motivators? Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m going to throw out a very rough suggestion of how a commendation system in LoL might work.

First, we’d want the system to have two big qualities. It needs to be worth it to be commended, meaning that you’ll do everything in your power to get a commendation milestone. Also, it needs to be near-impossible (assuming completely impossible is unattainable) to abuse it.

How could we make it ‘worth it’ to be commended? I’ve been throwing the idea around in my head for a while now and I haven’t hit any single reward. I could see a handful of RP being handed out… Maybe enough to get a champion or skin on sale while still having a bit left over (to encourage you to buy more). Perhaps make it like the referral system and give out IP bonuses for a smaller milestone. Maybe even a unique-to-commendations skin. I’m partial to the idea of Good Guy Gragas, myself. I’d also be willing to say give it some sort of tier system. Let’s say… every five commendations gets you an IP boost. Twenty gets you some RP. Fifty gets you Good Guy Gragas. Again, all hypothetical (especially the numbers), but I feel like it could be a good incentive for people to not act like dicks.

What would stop someone from abusing the system then? There are a few ways we could implement this. How about a level minimum to give out commendations? That’d stop all but the most dedicated smurf accounts from being able to queue with a buddy and hand them out like candy. Or perhaps only allow you to commend people who you didn’t queue with. Given how horrible the attitude in solo queue can be sometimes, I could see this one working. But what if someone wanted to commend everyone every game? You could always limit commendations to one person each game (and only allow a single account to commend someone once).

I’m not saying any of my particulars would make for a usable system. But… we need a way to reward the good players. I like how Riot gave away RP during the Snowdown Showdown this last year, provided that you’d never been punished by the Tribunal. Speaking of the Tribunal, maybe we could have players be given the ability to look over commendations and decide whether it was someone just randomly mashing the commend button or if the guy really deserved it.

Anyhoo, that’s a topic I’ve wanted to touch on for a long while now, so it feels good to type all that out. As always, if you like what you see here, feel free to subscribe or even check out the new Facebook ‘Like’ button over on the side there. I will catch you fine folks tomorrow. Thanks for the support and have a good’un.

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8 Responses to Praise instead of punishment? – Grass Pants Muses on a commendation system in League of Legends

  1. Anthony says:

    I think throwing it into the tribunal is the way to go.
    Give the reporter options (highly skilled, good leader, stopped arguments, etc) and throw it into the tribunal.

    Have people doing Tribunal get commendations and reports mixed in the same lot, and add a 3rd button for their review (“Praise, Pardon, Punish” seems good to me.) This way people could use praises to try and offset angry/spite reports, and people doing tribunal aren’t always just seeing the bad but also get to see the awesome.

    If you get enough praises over multiple games, and the tribunal agrees that you deserve praise, you get some small reward. IP boosters seem the most fitting and are a direct counter to bans (can’t gain IP when you can’t play.) It also encourages people to be good sports and try for the commendations, as IP boosts can save you a lot of time/money when working towards a new champ/skin.

  2. thegmon says:

    I created a thread on this in their forums months ago. Most people agreed it was a pretty good idea. Small IP boosts, Maybe some new summoner icons, some of the cheaper skins could be given away as rewards. Oh, you would also need to prevent people from giving praise to people that they queued to avoid abuse.

  3. angela says:

    I came up with this exact idea, except at a certain point, you’re able to queue with people of the same up rating as you. This way when you do ranked/normals/watever you don’t get the trolls and ragers as they’ve (hopefully) been sorted out.

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