Artist Spotlight – Sade

Now, I wasn’t expecting to do another one of these so soon. But… While killing time on Reddit, I stumbled upon this thread. After looking at that for a bit, I knew I had to get this artist some more publicity. So, all you fine folks out there, get ready for a particularly League of Legends-focused Artist Spotlight! As always, the images link to their sources, so feel free to click away.

While Sade hasn’t done much recently, her quality is absolutely outstanding. Let’s take another look at her Parade of the Lunar Revel, shall we? Actually, you don’t really have any choice in the matter. If you can’t view the Reddit thread, click the image to hit up the post on her DeviantArt. I’ll be spending a bit of time with this, so you’ll want a properly sized image.

First, let me go on about the sheer absolute quality. Look at that! It’s bloody gorgeous and completely captures the feel of the Revel. It’s people who, despite being enemies (note how Talon seems perfectly fine being around so many Demacians) on the Fields of Justice, are perfectly capable of putting aside their differences to enjoy the fireworks.

Now, look at the characters. Everyone looks ‘right,’ but still appealing. Take Twitch for instance; he’s still got that crazy grin and the mangy fur and all that, but he doesn’t look out of place. Hell, this is probably his first Revel. He looks downright excited to be there, which makes sense. Talon is another good example. He’s off in the front, still scowling, back turned to everyone. He’s kind of a dick, but he’s not going to start something.

Again, this stuff is pure quality. But Parade of the Lunar Revel isn’t the only reason I decided to give Sade here a spotlight. It’s actually a bunch of smaller images. Less grandiose, but still amazing. If you’re following her on Twitter (and know a bit about my favorite champions), you know what I’m talking about…

Look at that Udyr! Oh, and click to view a full-sized version, because it deserves it. But seriously. Look! He looks rugged and badass and amazing. You can see just enough of his eyes to know that he’s got some sort of nature-focused mysticism going on, even if you know nothing about League. The roughness of his features shows that he’s been through some hard times, and it’s totally obvious to an uneducated viewer. Coming from a huge Udyr fanboy, this is probably the best art I have ever seen of him.

So, yeah. Sade, keep up the good amazing work. I really look forward to seeing more of your stuff, and I wish you luck in the Lunar Revel art contest. If you don’t win something, there is no justice in the world. And to all of you fine folks, feel free to hit the subscribe button on the side there for more Grass Pants updates. As always, thanks for the support and have a good’un. Speaking of support, definitely check out Sade’s Twitter, DeviantArt, and Youtube. She deserves it.

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