Grass Pants Recommends – League of Legends

So, while looking over this website, I’ve realized something. I talk a lot about League of Legends. Now, this is fine and all for everyone who actually knows what it is, but for those who don’t play, champion impressions and all that lead to a post that’ll bore or confuse you and I want everyone to be able to enjoy all aspects of this place, at least to some extent.

And I’ve been meaning to do a series of posts like this for a while now.

Let’s get to the big question: What makes League of Legends worthy of eating up about half my posting on here? First off, it’s free. My buddy introduced this to me a little over a year ago and one of the biggest selling points (as a poor college student) is that I could play it for free. No purchase. No subscription. Just a download. If you’ve never played League before, I highly recommend trying it just on this.

But, you say being unfamiliar with the genre of game, how does it play? If you’ve ever played an RTS, especially Warcraft 3, then you already have some knowledge. Instead of controlling an army, you control one (or two on occasion) character. As the game goes on, your character gains items, spells, and levels. All in all, the game is a giant race to beat up the enemy’s base before they beat up yours.

The best way to really find out what League of Legends is, is to simply jump in and play, but I’ll admit that I’m really horrible at explaining this sort of thing. Just check out some videos, look at the website, ask me questions, whatever you need to do. If you decide to play it and like it, cool. If not, then you’ve only wasted maybe two, three hours.

I know this is kind of a short post, but I really can’t recommend it enough, especially if you have any interest in gaming. Also, because the community is… kind of subpar… I recommend you all check out r/SummonerSchool, in order to get some advice from higher level players. If your interest is piqued by this not-quite-up-to-par description, just click my referral link here. Also, if you’d like to play with me, send a friend request to DefinitelySatori! I’ll accept pretty much anyone.

Right then, apologies for the lack of real content the past few days. Finally fixed the problem that was hindering my first impressions posts, so those should resume tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading, have a good’un, and see you on the Fields of Justice.

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9 Responses to Grass Pants Recommends – League of Legends

  1. Leap250 says:

    Though I’m new to your blog, I do see a lot of LOL posts ^^

    As for LOL, hmm, I liken myself as more of a DotA guy, but then again I’ve only played LOL like, two, maybe three times. I’ve been interested for a while now though, so I might give it a full-on take eventually.

    • Out of curiosity who did you play when you gave LoL a shot?

      And I’ve trying to get into the DotA 2 beta recently. I’m not the biggest fan of the denial mechanic, but it looks interesting and different enough to at least give a shot.

      • Leap250 says:

        I had used two heroes I think; the first was a tribe woman with a spear with her last skill transforming her into a wolf or something, the second was some sort of blood mage who didn’t have a mana pool.

        I really thought it wasn’t that different though. But I did kinda had to adjust to LOL because of the ranged creeps.

      • DotA didn’t have ranged creeps? Huh, I had no idea.

        Lemme know if you plan on starting up again. I’ll be more than happy to throw some helpful resources (like r/summonerschool, mentioned above) your way!

  2. hippiefreak says:

    I’m still a big player for the DotA side, I used to play every character efficiently. But then I lost my WC3 data and after 2 years I found it and I am playing it again. Leavers and trolls are still here to stay
    Anywho, DotA does have range creeps.
    Just to make sure, DotA came first, as I run into a lot of people saying DotA copied LoL

    • >DotA copied LoL

      But… like… on the LoL website, I’m pretty damn sure that it says how it was created by one of the guys who did DotA/follows the DotA format.

      man people make me sad

      And since you’re still pretty big into DotA, are you looking forward to DotA 2?

      • hippiefreak says:

        It’s the only thing one of my friends and I talk about at my school. We keep discussing good syngery heroes for us to play when DotA2 comes out and we are currently trying to get a 5 man team up

  3. Dizzi says:

    I raged quit my first game. It can be so incredibly frustrating for new players. lol

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