Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer!

This is how you make an action-horror game look good. If the actual thing is even half as badass as the trailer looks, I may have to dust off the 360 (or hope for a PC release). Loving the multiple characters and how everything’s gone to absolute hell, too! It’s about time something big happened since Raccoon City…

I do expect to see one or two more playables to round out the ‘roster’ before it releases, though. Also kinda expected to see the President’s daughter make another appearance.

EDIT: Turns out, we’re getting a PC release, if this article is to be believed.

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6 Responses to Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer!

  1. hippiefreak says:

    My site stats show you have subscribed to my site
    I thank you if you did! I would like to exchange links if possible!
    And on topic: I hope Wesker is back

  2. That’d require me to actually own the game and care enough to hook it up again.

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