Belated Final Impressions – UN-GO

Well that was certainly a ride. As I said before, I was vaguely interested in UN-GO if only because I like detective and crime stories. But as I continued watching, I slowly realized that UN-GO was something more than just Case Closed with a few supernatural elements. I wasn’t quite sure what that ‘something’ was, until I finished this last episode… Be warned, ye who hit the jump, I will be discussing spoilers for the entire series in this post. Let’s begin.

UN-GO’s final episode was bizarre to say the least. At one moment, Kaishou Rinroku – Chairman of JJ Systems and the ‘public hero’ of the series – is dead. Suicide (or perhaps murder) from a car bomb. The next, it turns out that he was disguised as a nameless TV studio worker. Also, Inga goes insane and devours Bettenou. Like I said, it’s certainly a ride.

I had to watch the final few episodes a few times over to ‘get’ what Shinjurou was saying during the reveal. It seems like a lot to wrap your head around, but you eventually get it, even if it doesn’t sink in immediately. Even Inga’s sadistic-yet-euphoric grin when eating Bettenou stops being the stuff of nightmares. Actually that’s a complete and total lie, that face will haunt me forever.

As far as the technical stuff like art quality and soundtrack and all that goes, everything looked pretty crisp and well-done in terms of the art. It was a unique style that fit the mood of the series, perfectly capturing post-war Japan in a near future. The soundtrack, as I said in my first impressions, is easily my favorite part of UN-GO. Unfortunately, I can’t find Shinjurou’s theme (the western/techno-sounding bit when a case is being solved), nor do I know the name of it, but that song completely steals the show.

Finally, I’d like to touch upon the very end of the series. After the crimes are solved and Bettenou is eaten, Shinjurou and Kaishou have a short talk. In my opinion, that scene is the best in the series. It seems a bit heavy-handed, but… It spoke to me. All we can really do is try to better ourselves bit by bit. That moment really left a warm feeling with it. I’d really like to see an OVA or a movie or something to keep the series going, but I doubt it will happen. Aside from the relationship with Shinjurou and Inga (and the woman whose body Inga now owns), everything is pretty much neatly tied up.

Anyway, many thanks for your patience, reading, comments, all that good stuff. As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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6 Responses to Belated Final Impressions – UN-GO

  1. AceRailgun says:

    I was a bit late finishing Un-go as well.

    The OST is great. I’ve had a look around for it but haven’t found anything. The studios involved are probably keeping it off the internet. For now.

    I did enjoy the last episodes but the part where he revealed he was the studio worker was kind of lame. Other then that I enjoyed it.

    • Actually, reading your post on it is what made me realize ‘oh crap, I need to finish this’.

      And if you find anything out about the OST, do let me know if you’d be so kind. That’s probably the best one of last season and (so far) this one, too!

      And I pretty much had the ‘Kaishou is the studio worker’ called the moment I saw the guy. Was pretty lame, but it could have been intended to be super-obvious so we’d get confused or at least second-guess ourselves when Hayami!Kaishou showed up.

      Thanks for the comments!

      • AceRailgun says:

        I’ll tell you if I find it but you must agree to tell me if you find it first.

        It was probably better to be obvious about revealing he was alive then being subtle.

        I’m looking forward to the movie. Are you going to watch it?

    • Agreed! And yeah, agreed with the obviousness bit as well. It’d seem like /more/ of a cop-out if the studio worker looked nothing like Kaishou, then magically turned out to be him.

      … I had no idea a movie was coming. That’ll be a must-watch if I end up finding it somewhere. Any idea when it’s due out?

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