First Impressions – Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath

Nothing says winter like a half-naked fantasy chick riding an angry boar. Turns out that the leaked moveset that Reddit found a few days ago is real. I’m a bit disappointed in that, but is she fun enough despite the subpar stuff? Let’s find out.

Her models look great. Yep, I meant plural there. Sejuani and her boar are two distinct, separate characters. And they both look great, except for the boar’s running animation, which looks a bit clunky. Aside from that, everything looks great. Unforunately, her skins aren’t anything to write home about. Sabretusk looks okay at best and Darkrider just gives her boar a hat and Sejuani herself a bigger shield. Voice is pretty good, about what you’d expect for the character. I particularly enjoy her selection quote, “Winter is coming.” It’s a nice shout-out to the Game of Thrones series and it just sounds flat-out badass.

Despite her moveset looking pretty ‘meh,’ she’s actually really fun to play. If I had to compare her to someone, I’d say either a better attempt at what Volibear does or Shyvana with what is essentially a permaslow. Her Q carries a nice weight when you land it and her stun is so satisfying to nail an entire team with. I’ve only played her once, but ended up laning as a pseudo-support with Ashe. Nothing’s quite as much a kill lane as one with a double stun and permaslow.

Speaking of support, I could see her working really well as one. Oddly enough, we were up top against Renekton, but he seemed downright afraid of getting anywhere near me. So I exploited this by standing between him and his creeps, denying him experience and gold. Not entirely sure how well this would work against a more traditional lane match-up at bottom, but she seems like she could make a nice support or pseudo-support.

All in all, I really enjoy Sejuani. Like Janook said on stream a few days ago, if you like being tanky and jungling, you’ll love her. If not, you won’t. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting her to be this fun, especially with a moveset that – on paper – looks pretty boring. She’s got a nice mobility and utility about her and, in the hands of a strong player, can set up some amazing initiations. If any of you fine folks have comments, feel free to let me know! As always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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