First Impressions – Daily Lives of High School Boys

Every now and then, slice of life is done right. As a guy who got into anime primarily through slice of life (and has since moved on for the most part), this never ceases to make me happy.

This series is what Kimi to Boku would have been had it dropped all the pastel and warmth. Broken up into a handful of few-minute segments, Daily Lives feels more like an animated 4koma than anything else. And, in my opinion anyway, that’s just fantastic. The short ‘episodes’ are completely separate from each other, so it doesn’t get hung up on long, drawn out storylines or hit a Seinfeldian level of jumping from scenario to scenario. It’s a good balance, and I’m sure they could reference past events (the skirt scene, preferably) later on if they wanted.

The character designs and art are excellent, possibly some of the best in the genre. Everyone looks distinct to some extent and I didn’t see any errors or problems while watching. The art shifts are frequent and crazy, drumming up the ‘serious business’ quality of a lot of the conversations, such as Tadakuni walking with a girl.

Voice acting is also pretty high quality, with Hidenori absolutely dominating any scene he’s in. The guy is a large ham to an unbelievable level and it sounds like he’s having a hell of a good time voicing it. Yoshitake’s often-deadpan tone makes for brilliant bits of dialogue when the two share a scene. Everything about this series is all kinds of zany and bizarre and I love it.

All in all, I can’t even think of anything negative to say about this series. It’s good, silly fun with a lot of memorable scenes. It reminds me of Lucky Star, except with more accessible humor and a genderswapped cast. Even though I threw all my praise at Brave 10 and had decided it’s my anime of the season, Daily Lives of High School Boys has a good chance to make that award a tie.

Anyhoo, that’s me out for now. Lemme know what you guys think of the show! Oh, and as always, thanks for reading and have a good’un.

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2 Responses to First Impressions – Daily Lives of High School Boys

  1. John Sato says:

    I was always amazed whenever I watched an episode of this, because it got more hilarious with every episode. I couldn’t believe that they topped themselves almost every week.

    Great review, and yeah, Hidenori dominated any scene he was in. I think He sort of ousted Tadakuni from whatever kind of protagonist position he might have held.

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