First Impressions – Thermae Romae

Well that was… uh… yep. It was something, alright. I can’t even think of a snappy intro that would fit how bizarre that show was.

Roma Thermae was one of the more interesting series from this season. When I first saw it on the anime list I posted a while back, I was certain we were being trolled by someone. Well, turns out we aren’t. At least not by the guys who made the list. Japan, however, could still be pulling some silly nonsense by releasing this thing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge lot to say about it. It’s interesting, at least from a flat ‘what’ standpoint. I guess if you like limited animation and Roman history, mixed with some oddities that only Japan is capable of, you’ll enjoy it.

After the novelty wore off, I didn’t care too terribly much about it. Maybe there’s some sort of cultural humor I’m supposed to get from it, but for what seems to be a comedy, it barely got a smile out of me. And it had to pull the saying ‘Ahhhh’ in front of a fan joke for that much.

My suggestion is to just give the first five or so minutes a shot. If you like it, more power to ya. If you don’t, well… At least you didn’t waste much time. I don’t think it’s anything special, aside from the novelty.

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