Not-Quite-Leaked Champion – Sejuani, the Winter’s Claw

So, people who play a lot of League of Legends or just hang around Reddit know that Jax has a remake coming soon. Well, ‘soon’ means ‘next patch.’ What does Jax have to do with a name that may or may not sound familiar depending on how invested in LoL’s lore you are? Well, in the announcement for his Champion Spotlight, the post refers to the next patch as the Sejuani patch.

A few fine Redditors poked about a bit and then found some art! Unfortunately, that’s about as big as we get so far. But, after a bit more poking and prodding, some more potentially incorrect and subject to change information was found, this time detailing a few of her abilities.

Now… I personally think that some of the abilities are wrong or fabricated or something, as a Riot developer had stated that the new champion would use ‘new technology,’ something that they recently finished because the game engine couldn’t properly handle this new mechanic with the old tech. Upgrading Frost to Permafrost doesn’t seem like enough of a new mechanic, as it’s basically the same as stacking a debuff (like Gangplank’s passive or Twitch’s poison).

Anyhoo, whether right or wrong about all this, you can check back on her release day for my Sejuani first impressions. In the meantime, expect more anime first impressions (and – finally – my final impressions of UN-GO) as I chip through my backlog!

As always, take it easy, thanks for reading, and have a good’un.

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