First Impressions – Moretsu Pirates

This was the biggest thing in terms of TV anime I was looking forward to this season. I wasn’t expecting a huge lot, but I came away pleasantly surprised.

Moretsu Pirates makes me somewhat nostalgic. The opening scene, giving a bit of backstory and history, reminds me a bit of Gundam. And I love Gundam (at least Wing and G). But what I didn’t care for about Gundam was that everything was bogged down by politics and drama. Moretsu Pirates removes a lot of that, at least as far as the first episode goes. It also reminds me a huge lot of Outlaw Star, which was my original train of thought (thanks socrate). The ship designs definitely seem to take a few pages from Outlaw Star’s book, if nothing else.

Oh, let me gush about how amazing the music is. I don’t come to a show like this expecting anything to be great, but this series nails it. The ending theme “Lost Child” has already become one of my favorite endings. It’s got the perfect amount of good, upbeat tempo combined with a really good vocalist.

The art is also quite nice and familiar, without looking too ‘samey’ to other series. Speaking of familiar, the same studio who worked on this (Satelight) also did Heat Guy J and Macross Frontier! Not that I’ve gotten around to actually watching J, but that’s another story.

I’ll be honest and wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this series. Maybe some cool fights, maybe some humor, maybe some fanservice. But Moretsu Pirates definitely takes me back to my early teens when I was bloody obsessed with stuff like Gundam Wing. If you’re looking for a good anime that somehow feels familiar yet stands out from the crowd, or if you just like really good music and impressive CG, you need to check this out.

As always, thanks for reading fellows, and have a good’un.

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